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We’re nearing the end of the year and there isn’t much news to report, but there are several photos and even video of Justin spreading some holiday cheer where ever he goes. I thought the kindness and positivity of the following posts would be a nice way to wrap 2018 and head into 2019.💖

On December 23rd, Justin got lost on his way to spend Christmas with his family in Ohio, and the lucky folks of Shelbyville, Indiana got a nice surprise when he made a stop there. There were several posts from people who got a photo with Justin but here are a few with more detailed captions taken at a local bar named Capone’s Downtown Speakeasy.

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As many of you know, I wear many hats. At times these hats can wear me down trying to remember where I’m supposed to be and when. Then there are nights like tonight where it makes it all worth while…especially hat number one. Tonight one of my bosses text to say there was random guest in the establishment. Sunday’s are usually my day to work but I gave my shift to a coworker. My first thought, “maaannn, of course it’s when I’m not there.” Second, “You are a professional fan girl. Go be a fan girl.” Third, just be normal…haha! I’m never normal. I chose normal. Then hat number one had the opportunity to do its job, Visitor hospitality. I introduced myself to our guest as an employee of the establishment. I proceeded to tell him I heard he was in need of a few items and I would be happy to go get them. He politely declined. Then I said “I forgot to mention I’m also the Operations Manager for Shelby County Tourism. My position is hospitality for visitors.” He responded with “Are you sure?” I was absolutely sure!! I said “I do my job for this reason.” When I returned, we stood outside and stared at the downtown, chatting. He was taking in the holiday spirit and small town feel. Everything he said made me appreciate actually being involved in our community. He loved that I was involved with many community organizations and local businesses. While I wanted to ask for a photo, I felt it was unprofessional. Then he asked if we could take a photo, giving me permission to post on my personal page and to our visitors page. Thank you, Justin Chambers (aka Dr. Alex Karev, Grey’s Anatomy), for your words of encouragement and compliments on our city. I wish I had more time to chat! And I loved your ideas! SCTVB, SAA, BRCF and Backyard Shelby be ready for me to throw the big one at you! Rachael, my thought I had when I came back from my last trip…this idea may be the round about way to it! P.S. he wants to come back to our city!

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On December 26th, another flight attendant met Justin and got some nice photos and a sweet video shout-out for her dad that is a must-see. Swipe (or click) to see the photos and the video (3rd post) or watch the video HERE with a transcription. (“we’re all a work in progress” 👍)

And on Friday, December 28th, he stopped by a tanning salon in Guilford, Connecticut.

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