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Justin As: Donnie Eaton
Other Cast:Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington
Director: Neil LaBute
Written By: David Loughery (screenplay), Howard Korder
Release: 5th December 2008
Running Time: 110 mins
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

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In California, the Caucasian Chris Mattson and his African-American wife Lisa Mattson move to a house in a safe compound. The racist and dysfunctional next-door neighbor is the abusive LAPD Officer Abel Turner who feels uncomfortable with the relationship of the newcomers and transforms their lives into Hell on Earth.




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Trivia and Facts

  • Lakeview Terrace is the name of the area where Rodney King was beaten by L.A. police officers in 1991. The movie references his name and the famous line “Can’t we all just get along?”
  • A Google Earth Street View camera car photographed the cul-de-sac during production. Users can view N. Deer Creek Dr. in Walnut, CA, using Street View, to see film crew and set hardware in place.
  • At one point Abel jokingly asks Chris if he’s a superhero. Patrick Wilson will go on and play one in Watchmen.
  • One of the few PG-13 rated movies that was allowed to use the word “fuck” multiple times (twice within 20 seconds, neither in a sexual reference) and keep its PG-13 rating