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&#9733 A heads up for those who may be interested in watching – on Thursday, September 18, Robin Roberts from “Good Morning America” will be visiting the set of Grey’s Anatomy as well as Shonda Rhimes’ other shows. GMA airs from 7:00-9:00 a.m. ET on ABC.

&#9733 I have gathered the season 11 Alex-related spoilers in a thread at the forum. You can see them HERE

&#9733 In the Sept. 22nd edition of ‘Us Weekly’ there’s a Grey’s Anatomy preview with a brief mention of Alex. I added a scan of the preview to our gallery. Click on the image for the album.


Several things to update today…

  • This isn’t really about Justin but more so about the character he plays on Grey’s Anatomy. The people over at ABC have created Twitter accounts for all of the characters on the show. Shonda Rhimes explained what it’s all about:

To coincide with the re-naming of Seattle Grace as the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, all of the characters from Grey’s Anatomy are now on twitter and will be actively tweeting each Thursday night during the west coast airing of Grey’s Anatomy.

(Okay, and remember: these are CHARACTERS. They are not real people. This is just an awesome way to add to your GA viewing experience. So the tweets have been written by some awesome people who work in the Grey’s Writers Bungalow — yay!)

So, all of you Grey’s lovers out there, if you want to know what our characters are thinking when they’re NOT on-screen, go to this page and follow them. We’re all very excited to see how this will turn out!!!!

“Alex Karev” tweeted several pics yesterday. To check the pics out and to follow him click on the following link: https://twitter.com/AlexKarevGSM . The other characters’ Twitter accounts are listed here.


  • Over at the site’s Forum I added a link to some season 6 press junket interview transcriptions featuring Justin and several other Grey’s cast members (past and present). For those who are interested I provided the link and explained this better at this forum topic: Season 6 Press Junket Transcripts.


  • The screencaps from yesterday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy have already been added to the gallery. Click on the link.

9.18 – Idle Hands


  • Promos for next Thursday’s episode 9.19 – Can’t Fight This Feeling


The lovely Amanda, who is one of our forum mods, brought up a problem that we’ve had for a while regarding the audio files at the video page that haven’t been accessible. That problem will likely be resolved eventually but I decided to upload the files to Rapidshare for anyone that wants to download and listen to them.

I posted the download links and a small description of each file at our forum. Click on the link for the forum thread.

Audio Files – Download


ABC just released the season 9 trailer for Grey’s Anatomy and that can be watched below.

I have begun updating the neglected forum. I’ve added the spoilers pertaining to Justin’s character on Grey’s Anatomy, uploaded the episode sides and episode information. I also added some info about Justin’s upcoming movie “Broken City.” Click on the links for the boards.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Board
“Broken City” Board


I have been playing around with the gallery again.  Cleaned all the spam users, posts and added some pretty things.

  • More smilies
  • A few Icons in the forum Gallery (more to be added)
  • Ranks
  • ability to add youtube videos
  • New spam protection

Above i have mentioned we have new ranks.  There are three applied to staff members.  I (Fay) am the ‘Chief’, diana is an ‘Attending’ and the moderators are ‘Residents’.  I have also made some ranks based on how many posts you make, Im not going to reveal what the ranks are…you will just have to find out, as you make posts…But a few of you are ‘visitors’ right now.  If you have some suggestions, (which may or may not be a rank already) comment in the post below or here in the forum.

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