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Full Name: Alexander Michael Karev

Nicknames: Alex, Dr. Evil Spawn, Frat Boy

First Appearance: “A Hard Day’s Night” 1×01, March 27, 2005

Position: Surgical Resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital

Spouse(s): Izzie Stevens, Jo (Wilson) Karev

Significant Others: Lexie Grey, Addison Montgomery, Rebecca “Ava” Pope, Olivia Harper, Lucy Fields

Relatives: Aaron Karev (brother), Amber Karev (sister)

Alex grew up watching his father, a musician and drug addict, physically abuse his mother. He became a wrestler in college and eventually channeled his pent-up anger towards his dad. Soon after, Alex’s father disappeared.


Strengths: Honest; has a steady hand; always tells it like it is

Weaknesses: Mainly, his mouth! He’s also a bit of a smart-ass and his punctuality needs work

Likes: Getting the best surgeries; Joe’s bar; wrestling

Dislikes: Lying, in general; not getting any OR time; being told what to do