I just finished uploading the clips of Justin playing ‘Rick’ in the 2002 HBO movie “Hysterical Blindness” starring Uma Thurman. Screencaps are in the gallery. *Warning for a bit of the language in the first video.*Justin Chambers in “Hysterical Blindness” (1)Justin Chambers in “Hysterical Blindness” (2)Justin Chambers in “Hysterical Blindness” (3)

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The gallery is up and running again thanks to Fay. I added some news pics today and had added some pics last week but I hadn’t updated this page. So I’ll just do a big update:[b]Photoshoots:[/b] I added the Jack Chuck photoshoot and also some new pics to the Cheyenne Ellis photoshoot (unfortunately these last ones are watermarked but the photoshoot is great so I’m adding them anyway)Jack Chuck (2006)Cheyenne Ellis (January 2008) [b]Out and About:[/b] Added pics of Justin arriving and leaving a Yoga class. These too are watermarked but since they’re [i]interesting[/i], they had to be added. Heh.Yoga Class – April 5 [b]Public Appearances:[/b] Added pics of Justin at the Wilhelmina Agency’s 40th Anniversary Party (Justin’s former modelling agency and also where Keisha used to work as a booker):Wilhelmina Agency 40th Anniversary Party – November 29[b]Screencaps:[/b] Some Grey’s Anatomy screencaps: 2.3 – Make Me Lose Control 2.5 – Bring The Pain

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In order to improve the website, you see before your eye, please could visitors complete this short survey. It will determine the visitors we get from where, what you enjoy most and what you look forward to in the improvement of the site.Click here to take the survey now.

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All hostees at fan-sites.org, have had gallery uploads disabled after a recent site hack overload. Many sites had been hacked into through our coppermine galleries, thankfully ours was not one of them. At the moment the only way the hostees can upload pictures is through the ‘batch add files’ feature, unfortunatly ours isn’t working and i keep getting a message up. This problem is corrently being asked in the coppermine gallery forum, and this problem, will be resolved soon.Then, we may be able to make some more image updates, it is unknown when the gallery uploads will be allowed, but all hostees have had to upload to the latest version of coppermine (just been done) and disable uploads to non registered users.Through, all this I am currently installing affiliationally (an affiliate sorting script), to the site. This will hopefully, progress our move to php and ease the adding affiliates.

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Unfortunately, Justin is no longer scheduled to appear on The Ellen Degeneres show this Friday, April 18th. Hopefully, an appearance will be rescheduled at a later date.In the meantime, here’s the promo for episode 4.12 – “Where the Wild Things Are” which will air April 24th:

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There’s a new video of Justin walking down the street after having lunch at Panini Cafe and answering some questions (he’s only in the first few seconds and then there other celebs the rest of the vid):

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I made a montage of snippets of Justin talking about season 4 of “Grey’s Anatomy” and the Alex & Rebecca/Ava relationship:Justin Chambers: Grey’s Anatomy – Season 4 Also, here is a paparazzi video of Justin having lunch at Panini Cafe (candids posted yesterday)Justin Chambers Spotted In Beverly Hills [has changed category, added originally by Diana]

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