TV Line compiled a list of Season 13’s most heartbreaking moments so far. Alex is a part of five out of the ten moments chosen. The first part of the season was pretty good for us Justin/Alex fans (i.e. he had a lot of scenes/story and there some really great ones). 😉
Full list can be seen at TV Line, below are the moments involving Alex.

🔸 ‘As Long as We Can’

Who didn’t want a hug — and breakfast — after Alex told Mer that, until he was jailed, he wanted to have Waffle Sundays “like a family, all of us”?

🔸 ‘I Should’ve Told You’

Even more crushing than Jo’s confession to Alex that she was wed to an abusive husband was her attempt to make her estranged almost-fiancé believe that, if she fled post-trial, he wasn’t to blame.

🔸 Fatherly Advice

… until, that is, Jeremy freaked out, prompting Alex to sweetly reassure him that “there’s only one trick” to being a good dad: “Show up.”

🔸 ‘Goodbye, Mer’

Grey assured Alex in “You Haven’t Done Nothin’” that, even if he stupidly took the plea and went to jail, she’d be fine. But watching him say farewell to her, we weren’t sure that we would be.

🔸 ‘It Almost Killed Me’

We broke down right along with Amelia when, during “Roar,” she revealed to Alex the whole sad story of her son’s 43-minute life.


Actress Leigh Bush, who played the D.A.’s assistant in the Grey’s Anatomy winter finale (episode 13.09), will be making an appearance in another episode, presumably the winter premiere on January 19. She tweeted another pic from her second episode with Justin and actor Reginald Hudlin on set.

A larger version of this pic and other BTS pics from season 13 (including Leigh’s first one with Justin) can be seen in the Behind-the-scenes/ On Set album



P.S. – 👇👇👇 Link is in the tweet. Use it. Vote. Thank you.🌹

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Once again, a reminder that voting is open for the People’s Choice Awards 2017. You can vote as many times as you want, so keep voting for Justin for Favorite Dramatic TV Actor! 😎👍 Grey’s Anatomy is also up for the Favorite TV Show and Favorite Network TV Drama awards. 😉

I tweeted a new (old) TV commercial for Contradiction for men by Calvin Klein starring Justin, who was the face of the fragrance. I believe it’s from 1999, but I could be off by a year. Check it out:

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When it comes to TV and Grey’s Anatomy, the media and many fans (including me!) are grateful for Alex and Meredith’s longtime friendship this Thanksgiving.

nullAlex and Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy
One of the most celebrated TV friendships ever, Alex (Justin Chambers) Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) are the fan fiction dream Tumblr was made for. With more than a decade of ups and downs logged in their books, their friendship has endured all kinds of ordeals — which now includes Meredith stopping Alex from taking a plea deal and, quite possibly, beginning the romance fans have been praying for forever.
Source: TV Guide – 12 TV Friendships We’re Grateful For


Felipe Is Thankful for… GREY’S PALS
“…the Meredith/Alex relationship. I don’t care if Shonda [Rhimes] wants them as a couple or just a brother/sister thing. I love them together.”
Source: What TVLine Readers Are Thankful For (2016)

Here’s a Thanksgiving, Grey’s Anatomy, Alex/Meredith friendship throwback all rolled into one. 🙌

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Small reminder to keep voting for Justin to win the PCA for Favorite Dramatic TV Actor. >> VOTE HERE <<
Grey’s Anatomy is also up for PCAs in the Favorite TV Show and Favorite Network TV Drama categories.

The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy in 2016 has aired and now we have to wait until January 19th, 2017. In the meantime, ABC released a few promotional photos from the winter finale after it had aired.

Promotional Photos > 13.09 – You Haven’t Done Nothin’
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Screencaps of episode 13.09 “You Haven’t Done Nothin'” are up at the gallery.

Screencaps > 13.09 – You Haven’t Done Nothin’

Guest star Leigh Bush who played the Assistant DA tweeted a thank you with a photo of her with Justin. Plus, Camilla Luddington took over the Grey’s Anatomy Instagram account last Thursday and posted a throwback photo of her and Justin on their way to rehearsal for this winter finale. Check it out.

ABC aired this promo for the return of Grey’s (no new scenes) and the TGIT lineup in January.

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Justin is up for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic TV Actor. Voting is unlimited so keep voting HERE!

Justin attended a couple of car-related events last week and a few photos were posted on Instagram.

On Wednesday (Nov. 16), Justin was at the Los Angeles Auto Show Press Day (aka AutoMobility LA) at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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On Saturday (Nov. 19), he showed up at the Anaheim Convention Center for the Mecum Collector Car Auction.

A photo posted by Rachael Wright (@wright_rach) on

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