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I had posted some fan pics of Justin in Paris, France in previous updates. Here are a few more of him there last week (click on the thumbnails to see the pics at the source).

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On June 20, Justin left Paris and arrived in Rome, Italy. Here are several pics of him in Rome with fans.

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After Rome, the next stop was Naples, Italy where he arrived on June 23rd. Check out these pics from Naples.

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The details about the Grey’s Anatomy season 11 DVD box set have finally been released. The box set will be released on August 18, and it’s already available for pre-ordering at Amazon. Check out the info from the press release below.


Venture Even Deeper into the Heart of “Grey’s Anatomy” with Never-Before-Seen Bonus Features Available Only on DVD

Bring the Thunder Home on August 18th

Synopsis: It’s time to bring the thunder as the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial face stunning surprises, unprecedented challenges and life changing decisions in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy: Complete Eleventh Season.

Primetime television’s most riveting hour hits new heights as secrets of the past come to light and critical choices shape the future. Relationships are in turmoil as things between Callie and Arizona cool – and Owen and Amelia’s romance ignites. April and Jackson face a heartbreaking tragedy. Meanwhile, Meredith makes a stunning family discovery as opportunities pull Derek further away. And Maggie’s shocking announcement proves that blood is thicker than water.

Experience every pulse-pounding moment of the electrifying eleventh season with this 24-episode collection, and venture even deeper into the heart of Grey’s Anatomy with never-before-seen bonus features available only on DVD.

Bonus Features:
SPOTLIGHT: CATERINA SCORSONE – Get to know long-time ShondaLand actress Caterina Scorsone. From her days on “Private Practice” to joining the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Caterina has fabulously portrayed Dr. Amelia Shepherd, little sister of Dr. Derek Shepherd. Find out how she came to the role, what it is like to be a series regular on two of Shonda’s shows and what a typical day on set is like for her.

EXTENDED EPISODE – An extended version of Episode #1124 “You’re My Home.”

HOW TO SAY GOODBYE – Show Creator Shonda Rhimes reflects on the heartbreaking loss of the show’s character Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy.

DELETED SCENES – Back from the dead, these scenes have a new life on DVD.

IN STITCHES – Check out the cast cutting up in and out of the OR.

Release Date: August 18, 2015

Justin’s Parisian vacation continues and yesterday he was spotted at the Centre Pompidou. Here are a couple of Instagram pics.

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Also, this childhood pic of Justin with his twin brother Jason was posted on Justin’s Twitter as a throwback Thursday pic.

Edit: For some reason the original pic was deleted, but I posted it on the site’s Twitter.

Justin is in Paris, France at the moment. A few pics of him have been posted on social media like this one at the airport after he had arrived this Tuesday.


Later on, he had lunch at the restaurant Loup Paris and a couple more pics were posted.

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For those who might not be aware yet, the video archive has been reopened. It’s still a work in progress and I’ll be adding more videos over time, but there are quite a few already up. Check them out at jchambersmedia.com

In an interview with Line Magazine, actress Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’) briefly mentions Justin.

What are some of your best on-set experiences you’ve had with your fellow Grey’s cast mates? Who makes you laugh the most?

Camilla: In general Jessica Capshaw makes me laugh the most. We always have a hard time getting through scenes because I will find something hilarious that she does. A stand-out memory for me… there’s a period where Jo and Alex tease their romance for an entire season. The first kiss was very special to me cause I was rooting for them all season. They are best friends on the show. Justin Chambers and I would even ask the writers, “When are Alex and Jo getting together? We know they’re meant to be together!” It was a really great memory. I loved that moment for her.

Camilla’s full interview can be read at line-mag.com

Several fans crossed paths with Justin while he’s been spending time in NY. Click on the thumbnails of the fans’ pics to see them at the source.

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