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Justin did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge along with his son Jackson and Camilla Luddington sent the video to her fan site CamillaLuddington.org.

To check out Justin and Jackson doing the challenge, click on this link: http://camillaluddington.org/justin-chambers-does-the-als-ice-bucket-challenge/. Thank you to Camilla and Laura from camillaluddington.org for sharing the video.

To read what the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is about and to donate to the cause, please visit The ALS Association.

With the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 DVD box set being released next Tuesday, September 2nd in the US and Canada, a sneak peek of the featurette “Medical, Medical” was posted at Entertainment Tonight.

This is a description of the featurette and the sneak peek is right under. It’s pretty funny…

Medical, Medical – The medical procedures on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ have intensified the hospital drama since day one. In this featurette, watch selected cast members get a tutorial from medical producer Linda Klein. From sewing stitches to starting a central line, we’ll see what it takes for the actors to pull off their TV surgical skills.

I have added another interview to our gallery. This time it’s an interview from Portuguese magazine LuxWOMAN. Click on the thumbnails for the album with the scans and/or read below for a translation of the interview that covers a wide range of topics.



LuxWOMAN – August 2014

We’re at The Coronthia hotel, right next to the busy Charing Cross train station in London. Today, the ABC Studios European Press Tour is taking place, and on the first floor the agitation is considerable. Journalists from around the world are divided in groups and seated in rooms. In our room is Italy, New Zealand, England and Belgium. In the group interviews, the journalists alternate their questions during 20 minutes to actors from various shows that, in Portugal, mostly air on the channels Fox and Fox Life.

But the highlight of the trip is the individual interview: 10 minutes, without the presence of a publcist, with some faces that we have only seen until now on TV and in magazines. LuxWOMAN, after several mishaps, cancellations and confirmations, managed to have its one-on-one time, as they say here, with Justin Chambers, the Alex Karev of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

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More material from the Grey’s season 10 DVDs is making its way online. Stephanie K posted 2 deleted scenes featuring Justin and the blooper reel. The quality isn’t the best but it’s certainly nice to see new scenes when we’re about a month away from the season 11 premiere. Thanks Stephanie!

Deleted scene from episode 10.03 “Everybody’s Crying Mercy”


Deleted scene from episode 10.09 “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”



I added to the gallery a few screencaps (not the greatest quality…) from a scene that didn’t make it into the aired version of episode 10.17 “Do You Know?”. Click on the thumbnails for the album.


And, here’s the deleted scene…