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Kevin McKidd, through his official site, has been raising funds for The Red Nose Day Fund which aims to lift kids from poverty around the world.

Today, May 26th, is Red Nose day and Kevin’s site tweeted this pic of Kevin and Justin with their red noses on. Check out Kevin’s crowdrise page at the link and donate to this worthy cause if you can. For every $10 donation, you will also have a chance to win prizes. 😊

Here are a two more pics of Justin in New York City. In the first pic, he’s with his daughter Kaila last Saturday (May 21), and in the second pic, he’s with a fan who spotted him out and about last Friday (May 20).

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Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy has come to an end and it was ABC’s #1 drama of the 2015/2016 season. Congratulations to Justin and the rest of the cast and crew on another successful season! 😊 Justin is now enjoying the hiatus and will return to work for season 13 of Grey’s in July.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to longtime cast member Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres). Her farewell message can be read HERE. We wish her the very best and hope to see Callie again one day. Now, on to the update…

The gallery has been updated with the screencaps from the season finale titled “Family Affair.” (P.S. – How amazing was Justin in the finale? I hope he gets more material like that next season.)

Screencaps > 12.24 – Family Affair
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Camilla Luddington gave several interviews discussing the events in the finale between Jo Wilson and Alex Karev. I’m only quoting the answers that mention Justin, but I recommend reading the full interviews that are linked below.

VARIETY- ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale: A Wedding, Baby & Secret Marriage

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Camilla Luddington on Jo’s Bombshell

What was the cast’s reaction like? How did Justin respond?

Nobody else knew that Jo was married. I didn’t know that was the storyline that was going to happen. I wasn’t sure Jo would be answering the question at the end of the season. When I read it, there were castmembers gasping. Justin was sitting across the table from me and just shook his head at me! (Laughing.) I told him, “I’m so sorry!”


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Grey’s Anatomy: Who is Jo Wilson, really?

Does this force her hand to be honest about her husband with Alex?

It might, but I almost feel like she’s so terrified about it that I don’t even know if that will. I have no idea. She already thought she’s lost him by the time she gets in that bar with DeLuca. Still, that wasn’t enough to tell him. That’s how frightened she is about it and how much she thinks that she’s also trying to protect Alex. It’s a really sad situation. I remember doing this scene with Justin, I said to him, “I really don’t know how I can recover from this” — I speak like I’m my character — “How do I explain this to you?” He’s like, “I don’t know.” You hope that maybe their love is so strong and so unconditional that it doesn’t break them, but I don’t know how it can’t at this point.

Grey’s Prop Master, Angela Whiting, tweeted the BTS pic below from the season finale. The rest of the season 12 BTS pics can be seen at the gallery HERE.

Tonight at 8/7c is the Grey’s Anatomy season 12 finale. Here are a few teasers of what is in store for Justin’s character, Alex Karev.

Camilla Luddington spoke to Entertainment Weekly and had this to say:

“What I love about this finale is whatever couple you’re a fan of, I feel like everyone has something huge going on,” Camilla Luddington concurs. “There’s something for everybody across the board. What I also like about it is there are really funny, exciting, happy notes, and there’s some really dark moments. For Alex [Justin Chambers] and Jo, Alex wants to know why it is a no. And he confronts her about why it is a no.”

Grey’s Anatomy’s Facebook page posted this surprising teaser from an Alex and Jo scene in the finale.

Here are more pics of Justin out and about in New York City this Tuesday (May 17) and hanging out with his best friend, Matheos.

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