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Grey’s Anatomy co-showrunner, Krista Vernoff, spoke to TV LINE about the upcoming 300th episode of the show (ep 14.07 titled “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” airing Nov. 9th) and said that the feel of the episode will be nostalgia and the theme is ghosts of our past.

Grey’s 300th-Episode Nostalgia Trip Is a ‘Love Letter to the Fans,’ Says EP

Of all the romances that have been sparked by Grey’s Anatomy, from Meredith and Derek’s to Callie and Arizona’s, one stands out as the greatest love of all: the relationship between the ABC drama and its audience. So it was with that in mind that recently-returned executive producer/co-showrunner Krista Vernoff sat down to come up with the script for the series’ milestone 300th episode. “I have written it,” she tells TVLine, “as a love letter to the fans who have been watching all 14 years.”

Although Vernoff’s goal now that she is once again Team Grey’s is to move the show forward, imbuing it with “more joy and more light and more humor,” the 300th episode is a special occasion, one on which it’s only appropriate to take a moment and look back. “If there is a feel to the episode,” she says, “it is nostalgia. And if there is a theme of the episode, it is the ghosts of our past.

“So I have found a way,” she continues, “to pay some small tribute to everyone who has been here before.”

A new six-part web series will be going up on ABC.com and on the ABC app called Grey’s Anatomy: Post-Op. This is what it’s about:

In anticipation of GREY’S ANATOMY 300th episode, ABC Digital Studios is launching a six-part web series, “Grey’s Anatomy: Post-Op,” hosted by Gordon James who plays Nurse Gregory on the series. Each week, leading up to “Grey’s Anatomy”‘s astounding 300th episode, James will be joined by special guests including cast, writers, producers and various crew members as they look back at over a decade’s worth of memorable moments. Each new episode will offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most iconic scenes of the prolific ABC series, as well as an exclusive sneak peek into upcoming episodes from this record-breaking 14th season.

The first episode is already up. It focuses on the music on Grey’s, and Music Supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, is interviewed. You can watch it at ABC.com or watch it below on Youtube.



Last week, Justin was in Marina del Rey, CA to shoot Grey’s Anatomy. I added a few photos of him and Kevin McKidd, Jesse Williams, Jason George and Giacomo Gianniotti shooting a scene on a yacht.

On location in Marina del Rey, CA – September 27
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This video was posted in a previous update, but it was shot when Justin and Jason were on the yacht working on Grey’s in Marina del Rey.😉

A couple of photos of Justin in Marina del Rey that day were posted on Instagram. A Grey’s teamster posted this photo with Justin on set.

And a group a fans were lucky enough to get this cute photo with Justin.

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The screencaps from the season 14 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy have finally been added to the archive. The season premiere was two hours long because ABC aired two episodes back-to-back, therefore, the screencaps are divided into their respective episodes.

Screencaps > 14.01 – Break Down the House
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Screencaps > 14.02 – Get Off on the Pain
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This Thursday airs episode 14.03 titled “Go Big or Go Home”. The synopis for the episode and the Grey’s and TGIT promos are below.

“Go Big or Go Home” – Harper Avery arrives at Grey Sloan, putting Bailey on edge. A familiar face from Meredith’s past returns as a patient, and Amelia tries to manage a secret, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

Grey’s Anatomy promo

TGIT promo



The cast of Grey’s Anatomy hit social media on Thursday to promote the season premiere. Check out Justin’s own post and his appearance in his cast mates posts below.

This photo was also posted on Twitter.

Jason George posted this video (also on Twitter) with Justin when they were shooting Grey’s on location at Marina del Rey the previous day.

And to end this post, Sarah Drew took over the Grey’s Anatomy Instagram that day and posted this boomerang of Justin, Camilla Luddington and Kelly McCreary on set.



On September 26, Grey’s Anatomy began filming its 300th episode (ep 14.07 entitled “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”), and to mark this milestone, cast and crew celebrated with cake at Prospect Studios (where the show films).

It’s rare for a TV show to reach 300 episodes, it’s even more rare to reach 300 episodes with the great ratings Grey’s has. A huge congratulations to Justin, and entire cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy on this amazing achievement and the continued success! 👏🎂🍾🎉

I added the three official photos in high quality that ABC released from the celebration to the site’s archive. I also added photos posted on social media by cast and crew who attended (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.) The link to the album with the celebration photos is below.

Grey’s Anatomy 300th Episode Celebration – September 26
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All these videos were posted as Instagram stories. This first video was posted by the Shondaland Instagram account.

These are Shonda Rhimes’s Instragram stories.

Last two videos were posted by Giacomo Gianniotti (Dr. Andrew DeLuca). The people posing for this group photo have been on Grey’s Anatomy since the first episode! Photo includes among others: Justin, Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr, Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers (executive producer), Zoanne Clack (writer/executive producer), Linda Klein (medical advisor/co-producer), Norman Leavitt (department head makeup artist), Alex Patsavas (music supervisor), and the beloved scrub nurse, Bokhee. See the photo HERE.

Overview of cast and crew celebrating – video posted by Bryan Mendoza (second boom operator on Grey’s)

Milestones. #GreysAnatomy #setlife #GreysAnatomy300

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Seattle Refined published this week the interviews they conducted with some of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in July when they were in the city to shoot scenes for season 14.

In Jesse Williams’s interview, he was asked which character is his favorite, and he said Karev adding that no one else who could play him better than Justin (completely agree). Check out his full answer below.

And even members of the cast have their own favorite character. Who is Williams’?

“I think I’d go with [Alex] Karev,” he said. “Incredible comic timing and material and walks the line of being the comedian or butt of jokes – both masculine and tough and really tender as a lead doctor in the Peds Department. He’s kind of student and teacher, [but] he has his vices. He comes from a rough childhood. There’s a lot going on there and there’s no one who could do it better than Justin Chambers.”

And, of course, here is Justin’s interview in which he talks about his character, Alex, and being on Grey’s Anatomy.

Keeping Up with Karev: Justin Chambers spills secrets from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ set

null We’ve been talking a ton about Grey’s Anatomy this week, in preparation of the premiere of their 14th season.

Think about that – 14 seasons! It takes a lot to get through over 300 episodes, plot twists left and right, and cast members dropping in and out like flies.

In fact, there are only a handful of characters who have been there since the beginning – and one of them is Alex Karev, played by Justin Chambers.

“Alex definitely, you’ve seen a big transition from the first few seasons,” said Chambers when we chatted with him this summer. A handful of the cast came up to shoot scenes in Seattle, and you KNOW we had to get some fact time with them. “He [Alex] had a lot of bravado, cocky – he’s definitely become more sensitive as the years progressed and a lot of that has to do with his relationships with his patients, but also with his fellow doctors.”

Chambers isn’t new to Seattle like some other cast members (cough, Kevin McKidd, cough) – the show filmed scenes up here several seasons ago.

“It’s great to be back!,” he said. “Different landscape, different vibe, ate at a great restaurant last night, lots of good food here – feels like I’m doing a plug for the city but it’s true, I’m a tourist here.”

After 14 seasons, only four characters remain that were in Season 1: Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) and Alex Karev (Chambers).

“I don’t remember life before this show, it’s been so many years,” laughed Chambers. “It’s a great blessing, get to work with the people I want to work with get to play a character that’s fun and pay the bills, can’t ask for anything more.”

Many people joke that the show just keeps going – but Chambers sums it up well:

“You’re on a successful hit show, you enjoy playing these characters, why not just keep riding until people don’t want it?”

Seriously – just give the people what they want!

“We all really do get along and make the best work we can,” says Chambers about his cast mates. “As an artist you want to express yourself, and if people respond – you feel like you’re doing something and that’s gratifying. It makes me excited to get back to work.”

One of the seminal relationships in the show is not romantic – shockingly – it’s the friendship between Alex and Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo.

“Ellen’s great to work off of, there’s great chemistry there,” he said. “I like that there’s sort of a sibling love for each other.”

A pipe dream for many fans is that Alex and Meredith end up getting together, but Chambers wasn’t spilling any secrets.

“People project and see what they want to see, and that’s all in Shonda’s head,” he said. “It will go where it goes – anything is possible. As an actor my job is to fly with what’s written and justify it in my mind, and I can do that.”



Back in July, the Grey’s Anatomy production went to Seattle to shoot some scenes for season 14. While there, some of the cast was interviewed by Seattle’s KOMO News.
I added photos of Justin being interviewed on the waterfront to the archive, and the album link is below.

Seattle (Komo News interview) – July 25

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KOMO News finally posted their report on Grey’s returning to the city to film. I uploaded the video report to Youtube (below) but it can also be watched at komonews.com.

Check out what Justin, Chandra Wilson, Kevin McKidd, Jesse Williams and Jason George had to say about Grey’s Anatomy and being in Seattle:

Here are Justin’s quotes from the article that accompanies the video at the source.

“It’s great to be back,” added Justin Chambers (“Alex Karev”). “Definitely an important character to the show, this city.”
“It’s a great blessing, getting to work with the people I want to work with, I get to play a character that’s fun and pay the bills. Can’t ask for anything more!” Justin said.
Justin told us, “Ellen’s great to work off of, there’s great chemistry there. I like that there’s sort of a sibling love for each other.” And as for romance rumors? “People project and see what they want to see, and that’s all in Shonda’s head. It will go where it goes anything is possible, as an actor my job is to fly with what’s written and justify it in my mind and I can do that.”


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