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This is part 2 of the video interviews given by the cast of Grey’s Anatomy to celebrate the show becoming the longest-running primetime medical drama, which happened last Thursday when the 332nd episode aired.
Part 1 of the video interviews can be seen HERE.

The following 3 videos are from E! News. In the first video, the cast discusses what their kids think of them being on the show. In the second video, the cast talks about being shocked the show made it to 15 seasons. In the third video, they discuss the show’s longevity.

The following 2 videos are from Shondaland. In the first video, the cast talks about how they’ve grown from the first episode to the 332nd episode. In the second video, they open up about how it feels to make history.

This is the segment Entertainment Tonight aired with the cast talking about some of their best moments and favorite iconic quotes from the show.

This video is from Good Morning America and gives some of the numbers of the show and how it changed Hollywood for women and minorities.

This is the segment Nightline aired about Grey’s hitting a new milestone (Justin appears briefly at about the 4:22 mark).

Lastly, a short greeting by the Karevs for Shondaland.

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