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This year marks the 25th anniversary of Justin Chambers’ onscreen acting debut. 🥳🙌🎉

His first role was on the soap opera Another World in 1995. He played 19-year-old bad boy Nick Terry/Hudson who arrives in Bay City looking for the father he has never known.

I put together a clip with Nick’s introduction and two other scenes from Another World that can be watched below (also can be watched on Twitter and Instagram, but I had to trim the scenes in those videos because of length limits on those platforms).

The video/audio quality isn’t great, but it’s still definitely cool to see Justin at the beginning of his professional acting career 25 years ago.⭐


Here is full update for the 350th episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “My Shot”, which is also the last episode Justin appears in as Alex Karev.

The links to the albums with the promotional photos, screencaps and BTS photos are all below. The BTS photos were posted on Instagram by Grey’s actor Chris Carmack, and guest actors Lisa Ann Walter and Omar Leyva.

Promotional Photos > 16.08 – My Shot
justin chambers alex karevnull

Screencaps > 16.08 – My Shot

Season 16 > Behind the Scenes/ On Set

During a break while shooting this episode, the cast and crew of the show celebrated reaching another milestone along with the producers and creator Shonda Rhimes. I added high quality photos from the celebration along with a few more photos that were posted on social media to the following album.

Grey’s Anatomy 350th Episode Celebration – October 15

The following video is a compilation of Instagram stories of the speeches delivered by ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke, creator Shonda Rhimes, showrunner Krista Vernoff and Ellen Pompeo, as well as cast & crew posing for the photos.

I’ll wrap this update with two scenes from this 350th episode that were posted on the JCO IG account. The second video is the scene where Alex reads Cristina’s recommendation letter, which is Justin’s last appearance with lines in a scene.


National Nurses Day is celebrated annually on May 6th (US) and Grey’s Anatomy’s medical advisor, Dr. Michael Metzner, posted this video featuring Justin and some of the cast and producers thanking nurses for all they do.


The screencaps from Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Silent All These Years” have been added to the archive.

Screencaps > 15.19 – Silent All These Years
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Next Thursday (Wednesday for CTV viewers), the episode is titled “The Whole Package.” The episode synopsis and promo can be seen below.

“The Whole Package” – Owen and Teddy have to deal with the surprise arrival of Megan Hunt, who knows nothing about their situation. Catherine preps for her first surgery back on a war veteran who’s not emotionally prepared for his procedure. Meredith worries about DeLuca operating alone with Richard on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, APRIL 4 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.


Bonus: I didn’t want to make a separate update just for these 2 things, so I’m adding them here and saying it’s a bonus for Justin only having 2 small scenes in last week’s episode of Grey’s. LOL

The following video is a promposal from a high school senior named Ryan to his girlfriend Ashley. Several actors participated in the promposal including Justin. Ashley said yes, by the way. 🙂

To end this update, here is a pic from a fan who spotted Justin at Disneyland this Saturday, March 30th.


Last Thursday, actor Chris Carmack (Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln) took over the Grey’s Anatomy Instagram account, and one of the stories he posted featured Justin. Check it out:

The screencaps from last week’s episode of Grey’s titled, “Add It Up” have been added to the archive and the album link is below.

Screencaps > 15.18 – Add It Up

Also, talented young actress Lidya Jewett (played Alex’s patient, Nora, in this episode) posted the following pic with Justin.

This week, the episode is titled “Silent All These Years,” and it will be a Jo-centric episode. The promo is below as well as the synopsis.

“Silent All These Years” – When a trauma patient arrives at Grey Sloan, it forces Jo to confront her past. Meanwhile, Bailey and Ben have to talk to Tuck about dating on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MARCH 28 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.


This is part 2 of the video interviews given by the cast of Grey’s Anatomy to celebrate the show becoming the longest-running primetime medical drama, which happened last Thursday when the 332nd episode aired.
Part 1 of the video interviews can be seen HERE.

The following 3 videos are from E! News. In the first video, the cast discusses what their kids think of them being on the show. In the second video, the cast talks about being shocked the show made it to 15 seasons. In the third video, they discuss the show’s longevity.

The following 2 videos are from Shondaland. In the first video, the cast talks about how they’ve grown from the first episode to the 332nd episode. In the second video, they open up about how it feels to make history.

This is the segment Entertainment Tonight aired with the cast talking about some of their best moments and favorite iconic quotes from the show.

This video is from Good Morning America and gives some of the numbers of the show and how it changed Hollywood for women and minorities.

This is the segment Nightline aired about Grey’s hitting a new milestone (Justin appears briefly at about the 4:22 mark).

Lastly, a short greeting by the Karevs for Shondaland.


The interviews the Grey’s Anatomy cast gave on the set of the show in January are being released this week ahead of the record-breaking episode this Thursday. There is more still to come, but here are the first few.

In these following two videos posted by E! News, the cast answers rapid fire questions about each other. It’s actually pretty funny and gives some good insight into the cast. 😂

Good Morning America has been airing segments about Grey’s this week. The first video aired on Tuesday and the cast talks about the romance on the show. The second video aired on Wednesday and the cast share what is their favorite episode.