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This will be a quick update since I’ve been busy adding the pictures to the new gallery the site had to get because of the host change.[b]Justin Chambers: Not afraid to call kids on their character:[/b]Grey’s Anatomy’s Justin Chambers and his wife Keisha have quite the brood! With five kids — 12-year-old Isabella, twin 10-year-olds, Maya and Kaila, 8-year-old Eva and 6-year-old Jackson — the 37-year-old actor feels able to dole out some of his own parenting advice.[i]”Being a parent is great. It’s hard work, but fun. Love and enjoy your children, but at the same time, be sure to call them out on their crap. I’m not afraid to call them on their character.”[/i] Source[b]FIVE’S PLENTY[/b]- JUSTIN Chambers – the “Grey’s Anatomy” star hospitalized earlier this year for sleep deprivation – made sure after his fifth child that he and his wife of 15 years, Keesha, were done procreating. The former Calvin Klein model mentioned to OK! that he’d had a vasectomy. When the mag asked about reports of men who have had kids after the procedure, Chambers said, “Well, they say it takes a couple years [to reverse a vasectomy] and then there’s no way. And it’s been years since I did it.” He did add that the couple would consider adopting. SourceLastly, an interview Justin gave for season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy where he discusses his life, the show and his character Alex.Justin Chambers Interview (season 4)

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