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Ok so i think the survey has kinda finished now, thanks to those of you who took part it is a big help to me and Diana, on how we can improve the site. Here are the major results;60% of you visit each day, which is great, we shall have to add something each day, to keep you coming80% are between 16-30 years old, this is probably expected seen as I dont know many 10 year old who watch greys anatomy and just attracts the audience age range.40% are from Europe and 40% are from North America, again I think this is expected, seen this site is in english.80% don’t own a site, I am surprised by this, I was thinking maybe half but obviously not40% are obsessedwith Justin Chambers *yay*, that good.40% are viewing the gallery, this good be a bit more, i have seen some of our images been hotlinked (however this was before we moved hosts, so now, i changed the directory of the gallery they have a gorgeous white box with a red ‘X’ in.Ok, the improvements:40% want more videos, appearances (in the youtube account)40% want downloadable videos, I have been looking into this and currently think it could be impossible, because of copyright and stuff, but i’ll keep looking20% want a new layout, yes we are getting a new one soon, maybe in the next month, it may be something like the ‘Greys Girls’ Layout at the moment. Im waiting a month as my exams will be over then and they are really important, also when the layout does change, the site will be converted to php. Which will be a big task.I have to thank the person, when asked why they visited the site they said, ‘You’re like the best justin chambers site eva’, exact words. Im happy!!Also, affiliationally is now working on the site!

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