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As much as i like this layout i think, im going to have a layout change.  Seen as in different browsers it just looks weird and is hard to navigate around.  Im going to order just a header this time, and im going to use one of the fan-sites themes. I have ordered a new gallery header, but it really is taking ages.

Im also going to go through alot of the pages over the next few days, just making small changes and maybe add a bit more content.  I now have an image account so if new candids come up ill post them, if diana doesnt beat me to it.

///Here is version 5 of justin Chambers Online, everything should, work fine.  The header was made by jane (one of my personal site affiliates)  I have asked her to tweak the header, so it doesn’t stop as abruptly.  That should be changed by tomorrow.  The is also a a few random ads hanging around, i will alter these tomorrow as well.

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