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I still haven’t been able to find much information about Justin’s role in the upcoming movie “Lakeview Terrace”. What I do know is that he has a supporting role in the movie and his character is named Donnie Eaton. Information about release dates and stills can be seen at the movie’s page at IMDb. There are also a few clips out but they all feature the 3 main characters. Those can be seen HERE

I added a new print ad from the Calvin Klein collection and I also uploaded 2 commercials for Calvin Klein ‘Contradiction’ to the YouTube page.

Calvin Klein Jeans/Khakis – Spring 1999 (photog: Mario Testino)

CK Contradiction (1999) Sorry for the italian subtitles. It’s the only one I could find.

CK Contradiction (2000) (with supermodel/actress Carolyn Murphy)

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