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Im changing the site around a little.  Im changing the theme to 3 columns, but im keeping the old header, im hoping the changes will make the site look more professional.  Im also thinking of adding some language options, so i will be looking at my stats and adding language buttons for some of the languages which come here most.  I also may add some elite affiliate options, because top affiliates are getting a little long and we are related to some more than others.

The site will be back up properly in a couple of hours.

///3 hours Later: All changes are now complete, so what does everybody think?  I have two ‘elite’ affiliates (a new french justin chambers site and exhibitionists online, who have been regulars for a while.  You can also pick from six different languages, these are just directed to google translator, but i might moved to a script or another way. AS say you are reading in spanish, and want to go back to english, nothing changes when you click the button.  So im thinking.  I would love to know what you guys think, so please comment.

6 Responses to “Little site maintanence”
  1. diana says:

    I’m on IE and this middle column with the updates is too low.

  2. fay says:

    ahh, i forgot to check on IE. Im looking into it now

  3. fay says:

    wow i minute later

  4. diana says:

    Me again! LOL Besides the middle column being below the other 2 columns, there are also red Xs in the current projects. Everything else looks great. 🙂

  5. fay says:

    its kinda i little better now, in both. Still dont get why its got a large space to the right of the posts. Going to continue fiddling around

  6. diana says:

    Looks right now!

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