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A couple of Justin mentions from reviews of last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy:

Justin Chambers pulls off some very nice subtle acting as Alex helps Izzie and seems very in-control until you get a look at his eyes and see that he’s absolutely terrified. My fiancé cried at this point, but I totally stayed in control. Totally. Stop looking at me like that; it was just some dust.


Regardless of all the silliness that took us to this point, Izzie’s illness is now being taken seriously by the show and its characters, and I liked seeing Yang struggle to keep the secret, to the point of almost messing up her first solo surgery. And Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson did a great job acting with their eyes when Cristina spilled the beans in the operating room.


I added a few candids from the past few days to the gallery. Sorry for the watermarks but I’ll replace the pics when I get unwatermarked ones.

Figaro Cafe – March 12
The Grove – March 18

Screencaps from the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy have now been uploaded.

5.18 – Stand By Me

Lastly, the promo for next week’s episode “Elevator Love Letter.” So sad. 🙁

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