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Here’s confirmation of what I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Justin did indeed spend his birthday in Rome, Italy. Justin said in an interview while over in Italy that he will be having a big birthday party and the Grey’s Anatomy cast is invited. I wonder when that party is going to happen. Maybe next weekend? 😉 Here’s the birthday boy with Keisha at the Closing Gala of the Rome Fiction Fest.

3rd Annual Roma Fiction Fest – Closing Gala – July 11 **NEW pics added**

Other interview tidbits from Justin:

  • When Justin says the Grey’s cast is like family, it may sound trivial and false but it’s really true. They’ve had 5 seasons together are going going to start working on season 6 and have another season after that. The cast has known each other for years. They spend 10 months of a year together and after work many times they’ll go out to dinner or for a drink. He’s planning a big party to celebrate his 39th birthday and his  Grey’s family has been invited to it.
  • He and Katherine Heigl have known each other for years now and they share total complicity.
  • He had to move to Los Angeles because of Grey’s Anatomy but he still has his place in New York.
  • Justin doesn’t think he has much in common with his character Alex Karev. Alex is more responsive/ tense, whereas Justin is more laid-back. As an actor Justin has to constantly work with emotions while Alex is the complete opposite and has great difficulty in expressing what he feels. There are reasons for this related to Alex’s past.
  • In terms of style, Justin prefers simplicity above all which isn’t easy to obtain; wearing light and practical clothes together which is why he prefers Calvin Klein, an American classic.
  • Justin says he’s not very ambitious professionally, perhaps even a little lazy. One of the positive aspects of the show is the security it offers. He’s well paid and it allows him to provide his family with a comfortable life. He would be fine with retiring at 50 and dedicating himself solely to humanitarian causes because the world needs all of us and to sit at a table and feel like he’s not contributing anything to the global well-being is something that doesn’t make him feel good. If he’s remembered as a Calvin Klein model or Dr. Karev on “Grey’s Anatomy”, he’s okay with that. He considers himself a lucky person, has more positive aspects in his life than negative and so he hopes that things continue this way.

There are a few more videos from the Q&A during the Grey’s Anatomy screening at the Rome Fiction Fest. It’s basically the same as the previous video from the last post but from different angles. Also People magazine’s website has a small video announcing Justin’s birthday. To those interested the links are below:

GA screening Q&A – video 1
GA screening Q&A – video 2
GA screening Q&A – video 3

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