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So…. There were some technical issues with gallery and that’s not my thing so Fay had to come to the rescue! Problem fixed now (thanks Fay!) and screencaps are up! Ummm… I really loved Justin’s first scene in this week’s episode.  😉

6.04 – Tainted Obligation

Promo for next week’s episode “Invasion”

2 Responses to “Grey's Anatomy: 6.04 Screencaps + 6.05 promo”
  1. Simona says:

    Oh dear! Justin was great in this episode!! His girly scream rofl and half-naked Justin *drools*

  2. Diana says:

    He’s gotten such heavy material since late last season so I like that he got something lighter this episode and could use his comedic skills more. The tick part had me lmao! Oh yes, half-naked Justin was a delight! 😀

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