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Screencaps from this week’s episode of Grey’s are now up.

I still haven’t found the promo for next week uploaded anywhere but once I find it I’ll add it to this post. All I know is that I saw Justin shirtless and holding a baby in it. For that reason alone I’m sure it will be an awesome episode! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› UPDATE: Promos for episode 6.08 “Invest in Love” added below.

6.07 – Give Peace a Chance

ABC Promo

CTV Promo

5 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy: 6.07 Screencaps + 6.08 promos”
  1. Simona says:

    Can’t wait to see that promo!! Oh and jsyk, I hate Iz SO much! Reed is better WHOA!! =)

  2. Diana says:

    Here’s the promo. Can’t say that I’m loving Izzie but I don’t want Reed around either! I’m very picky as to whom I want around Alex. πŸ˜› In all honesty I’m happy that Alex at least had someone who cared about him and was there for him. I think he really, really needs a friend right now.

  3. Simona says:

    I don’t want Reed neither but please.. this Izzie things is very ridiculous! To be honest I liked the most Alex with Addison, that’s why I’m totally Addisex.
    Oh and for what we’ve already seen in this season, I like the weird friendship between Alex, Mer and Cristina, but I’d like for him a friends anti-Izzie XD

  4. Diana says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚

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