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Justin has associated himself with another cause. He’s supporting an initiative called “Songs For Soldiers” where the goal is to supply every American soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan with an MP3 player because listening to songs help them cope with the stress of combat. There’s an article in the LA Times about the cause. Here’s a bit of it:

“While you’re out there, music serves as the soundtrack to your own movie,” Gilfillan recalled. “I remember the songs I listened to while I was out there. When someone got killed in our unit, I remember listening to Gary Jewel’s “Mad World” over and over again. Music has always attached meaning to a certain point in people’s lives.”

Celebrities such as “Today Show” news anchor Ann Curry, “Grey’s Anatomy” doc Justin Chambers, “Terminator” star Linda Hamilton and football star Terrell Owens have endorsed the campaign.

To read the full article go to LA Times and to learn more about the cause and finding out how you can help visit Songs For Soldiers.

You can watch the PSA Justin filmed for SFS below:

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