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It is done!!! All 121 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy have been screencapped in one way or another (TV or DVD screencaps). I had to re-upload some of the already existing episode screencaps because the thumbnails weren’t appearing (probably because of the server change we did a while back) but I think I got it all now. If any images are missing from the gallery please leave a comment telling us which ones so that we can fix it. 🙂

The last 5 episodes of season 4 have been added now. Oddly enough the elevator scene in 4.17 isn’t on the DVD version of the episode 😕 so I slipped in screencaps of that scene from the cut that aired on TV.

4.13 – Piece Of My Heart
4.14 – The Becoming
4.15 – Losing My Mind
4.16 – Freedom – Part 1
4.17 – Freedom – Part 2

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