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Hi guys.
Okay, apologies first. I put a new gallery layout a few months ago…well i thought i did. The old header was showing up in place of the new header. But, what i was seeing was the new header and it looked fine to me. Sorry if that confused you, even the sentence i just wrote.

Thank you everyone for following Fuck Yeah Justin Chambers Tumblr, as of right now we have 67 followers which might i add is more than my personal. But its great to see you all commenting, liking and reblogging the images i post 🙂 Ill queue some more images for you soon.

Soon, im also gonna try and fully move the site onto the new server. I gave up last time, as there was just soo much but at the moment i think most of the old stuff is there thanks to a friend who owns the server and his computor wizz-ness. So if you experience dificulties with the site don’t worry, we will be back.

Finally, I am officially on my summer holidays. So, between work and try to get back on track with my other sites. Is there anything you want me to do for the site other than maybe hunting videos etc? ideas?

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  1. ma says:

    No, it’s great. Thanks! Justin should be very grateful that you take your time to dedicate this site.

  2. Willa says:

    You do a great job. I always enjoy coming here. 😀

    Take Care & God Bless

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