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Due to circumstances beyond my control, this is a huge post containing mentions of Justin in the press, screencaps, promos and sneak peeks from tomorrow’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Enter at own risk! 😆


I’ll start with the mentions in the press.

  • The Today Show has an article up on its site about the “Hottest doctors to ever grace television screens” and Justin/Alex Karev made the list. This is their write up of him:

    Justin Chambers, Dr. Alex Karev on ‘Grey’s Anatomy

    With McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) and McSteamy (Eric Dane) both domesticated, the wild sex machine ruling Seattle Grace is Dr. Karev. His sensitive side comes out only when he’s working with children or when he gives in to his feelings for ex-wife Izzie. He’s got a rockin’ hot bod and can brood like nobody’s business. It’s clear he could be a caring guy … if he could just find the right woman.

    CLICK HERE and VOTE for Justin as TV’s Hottest Doc!

  • A mention of Justin having helped his friend, Matheos, with his music career:
  • Through his long time friend Justin Chambers (who plays Dr. Alex Karev on Grey’s Anatomy) he landed a remix project with legendary actress Ann-Margret. The project was to remix many of her classic hits. This only led him to work Merv Griffin where he remixed another series of classic hits of various Vegas stars.

    Source: Greek-American Recording Artist Planting Musical Flags Worldwide

    Now, on to Grey’s Anatomy. Screencaptures from the first episode of 2011 are now at the gallery. Click on the thumbnails to go to the album.

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    The writer of the episode, Krista Vernoff, mentions Justin in her blog entry at Grey Matter:

    The levity came when someone had the idea of the Alex/Stark OR stand-off. We laughed our asses off while we ran around the room acting out Alex’s wrestler stance, “I’m ALL STATE, BABY!” And I have to say, Justin Chambers and Peter MacNicol delivered in spades. I was on the set for the shooting of the scene, and in the early rehearsals they were actually wrestling which was hilarious, but, we decided, unlikely.

    Tommorow airs episode 7.12 titled “Start Me Up.” The promos and a sneak peek featuring Justin are below:

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