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Some new (old) candids have been added to the gallery and spoilers on what lies ahead for Justin’s character on Grey’s.


I replaced some of the old candid pics with bigger versions and added a couple of new sets of candids to the gallery.

Beverly Hills – September 5
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – San Bernadino, CA – February 7
Gas Station – March 25
Hollywood – August 4
Beverly Hills – August 5
Los Angeles – November 13

Sidenote: The caption for the Los Angeles – November 13 set of candids says:

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Chambers takes his parents for morning coffee in Los Angeles. Justin Chambers wearing a Jimi Hendrix shirt takes his parents for morning coffee in Los Angeles, CA.

Uhm… I don’t see Justin’s dad in any of the pics and that lady is NOT Justin’s mom. Trust. The agency did get the Jimi Hendrix shirt right though. 😆

For those who wish to remain spoiler-free regarding Grey’s Anatomy, do not read any further!

The upcoming February 3rd episode of Grey’s Anatomy has a special director, none other than Grey’s actor Kevin McKidd. He recently gave an interview to TV Guide and disclosed some info on what happens in his episode “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)”. I’m only posting the parts where he mentions Alex but the full interview can be read here –>Grey’s Kevin McKidd on Directing

TV Guide Magazine: What’s your episode about?

McKidd: It takes place during the first day of Derek’s Alzheimer’s clinical trials and he picks Alex to be his point man — much to Meredith’s ire. So we follow Derek and Alex through what turns out to be a very complicated day. Very quickly they realize dealing with Alzheimer’s patients is far more emotional than they first anticipated. Alex questions if he’s really the right man for this job, while Meredith’s waiting in the wings desperate to be part of it. Derek, of course, has reservations about working with Meredith because he feels it’s a little too close for comfort.

TV Guide Magazine: Fans are really curious about how the triangle of Mark, Arizona and pregnant Callie is going to play out. Any developments on this front?

McKidd: It really starts to play out as Callie starts to suffer ill effects due to not knowing if Arizona is on board or not. Callie kind of becomes one of our patients of the week. It introduces a fantastic new character, Dr. Lucy Fields (Australian actress Rachael Taylor), who will be Callie’s OBGYN for the duration of her pregnancy. She is also a potential love interest for Alex, I believe.

The Canadian edition of TV Guide also has a bit about Alex and Lucy:

What Grey’s fans can look forward to, though, is the addition of Rachael Taylor to the cast. The Australian actress makes her first guest appearance on Feb. 3 as Dr. Lucy Fields, otherwise known as Callie’s OB/GYN. Sara Ramirez teases that Lucy has a rocky start with Callie, as well as her hands full with both Mark (Eric Dane) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

And, keep an eye out for her scenes with Dr. Karev (Justin Chambers), too.

“[Lucy] also has some interesting interactions with Alex, as Alex finds himself sort of being blocked by her on medical cases because he shows a side of himself to her that she’s not appreciative of in terms of him working with babies,” adds Rhimes.

Source: Shonda Rhimes dishes on ‘Grey’s’

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