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Pics and video from the 16th Annual Los Angeles Antiques Show inside.


That’s a wrap for Justin!

Although Grey’s Anatomy will still be shooting the season finale the next couple of days (wrap party is on Sunday), Justin shot his final scenes for season 7 yesterday. Congrats on another season, JC! 😀 After work, Justin and Keisha attended the P.S. Arts Opening night party for the 16th Annual Los Angeles Antique Show. Later on, Justin hit up the ‘Private Practice’ wrap party at the Mondrian Hotel. It was a fun-filled night. 8)

I’ll be adding more pics later on but I’ll leave these for now and also a short video from the red carpet at the Los Angeles Antique Show.

16th Annual Los Angeles Antiques Show – April 13

Video from the red carpet where Justin is asked why it’s important to have the arts in the public schools, why the arts are meaningful to him and him chatting with Grey’s co-star Ellen Pompeo.

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