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Another set pic! This time it was Sarah Drew who tweeted a pic of herself with Justin on the set of Grey’s Anatomy today.

TV Guide and TVLine have some (disappointing, IMHO) spoilers about Alex and the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy with quotes from Justin. I’m going to put it all under a spoiler cut just in case some don’t want to know.


From TVLine:
Question: Will Alex be forgiven for what he did to Meredith in the Grey’s Anatomy finale? —Dawud
Ausiello: As Justin Chambers sees it, that’s one wound that will not be easily healed. “What he did was wrong,” he tells me. “It was really uncool. There’s nothing worse than a rat fink.” Ironically, the Jesus Juice he was under the influence of may prove to be his savior. “The alcohol had a lot to do with it,” Chambers reasons. “That’s the only thing that’s making me go, ‘OK, we all make mistakes. We do stupid things when we drink.’ But still, that’s a hard one to get past.”

Question: Any news on the romantic front for Grey’s Anatomy‘s poor Alex now that yet another girlfriend has fled the scene? —Kelly
Ausiello: I’m guessing he’ll dip his toe back in the dating pool again at some point this season, but if you ask me it’s an exercise in futility. There’s only one woman for Alex, and her name’s Izzie. And I think Chambers will back me up on this. “They were the real deal — or as much as a real deal can be on Grey’s Anatomy,” Chambers concurs. “That was the love of his life.” Amid talk that the show may be heading into the homestretch, Chambers admits he “would love” to see Katherine Heigl return to give their storyline closure. “Heigl is so fun,” he raves. “She is one of the funnest people I’ve ever worked with. She really is a special gal. I would love to have her back. Maybe we will before the season ends.”

From TV Guide:

Since the Grey’s Anatomy residents are now taking on solo surgeries, how will Alex handle that? — Pearl
NATALIE: Alex was never great with solo surgeries (see: the elevator power outage of Season 2), but his status as a social pariah may actually work in his favor. “I think he’s going to apply himself a lot more this year because he’s not going to have a personal life,” Justin Chambers says. “He’s done with the relationship thing for a while, with what happened with Lucy. No one wants to talk to him because he’s a rat, so he’s going to concentrate on being a better doctor.”

6 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy: Set Pic & Spoilers”
  1. Anja says:

    The Spoilers are so ugly, that I decided that I WANT him to leave. It can only get worse for my boy. 🙁 🙁 I don’t really have hope for something good anymore. 🙁

    And the Pic is cute. 😀

  2. Diana says:

    I want Justin to do whatever is best for himself and his family. I completely understand how a job like the one he has on GA is a great thing in terms of all around stability and money.

    I get embarrassed for ranting on here so I deleted my longer reply. 😳 😆 I’ll just say that from the perspective of someone who thinks Justin is a talented actor and has been getting the shaft when it comes to a story line, I want him to leave at the end of the season. These “spoilers” sounds like the same repetitive and unimaginative drivel from the last few seasons. All the other characters have other things going on and Alex is always focusing on work. In GA standards focusing on work = NO STORY LINE. The writers are lazy when it comes to Alex. I won’t even get into what I feel about the “exercise of futility” that is Alex dating. I’ve been screencapping season 5 + season 6 for the site and when I see Izzie… 👿 Between the futile dating and Izzie it looks like I’m going to lose either way.

    I don’t enjoy the show like I used to and I essentially only watch it for Justin/Alex now. If he leaves at the end of the season I’ll be excited to see what’s next for him but a small part of me will be sad about what could’ve been. Such a complicated and compelling character like Alex played by a talented actor wasted…

    Edit: Yes, it is a cute pic. Set pics are always welcome and that’s one of the good things about Twitter. 😀

  3. Anja says:

    Aaah, Ranting is cool. I love ranting!
    And ranting with other people helps not beeing soo upset anymore. Well, for me it works.

    That’s exactly the Reason why I want him to leave. He is such a great actor, and his talent is so wasted on the the.. Work Story Lines.
    And I don’t get why the writers can’t give him a Storyline. It doesn’t even have to be a relationship Storyline. He’s so dark and twisty and broken and twisted and full with issues and there’s the whole Family Thing.. (I’m hoping since we heard first about her that Amber Karev shows up), so i don’t get why they can’t do a story with that?!
    And there was so much potential after the Shooting, and they wasted nearly everything.. except the stupid 5 Seconds of the Elevator Fear, and that he thinks Lexie going crazy is his fault.
    Don’t they SEE that or don’t they care??

    I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to watch, even after Justin leaves, because I’m a junkie, and i need to watch. But I won’t look forward for the Show that much. Hell, I’m not even looking forward Season 8. All the Spoilers, and now the Promo (Did you already see it??) are messing me so much up because I have so much love for this Character, that I DON’T want September 22th to come.

  4. Diana says:

    I’m trying to cut down on the ranting and letting things go… 😆 I used to get much more worked up about things but now I’m trying to be chill. It’s hard though!

    The GA writers seem to mostly only want to write relationship storylines and if you aren’t in a relationship you don’t have a storyline, see Alex. One of the storylines I wish would have been explored in regards to Alex was his dysfunctional family with his sick mother, and his abusive and addict of a father. I think that would’ve been a million times more interesting to watch instead of the beating a dead horse that is Meredith’s issues with Thatcher or Chief Webber. I don’t believe Amber will show up unfortunately. Even if she did you know something bad would happen to her just so Alex feels like sh*t. Aaron “Angel Spawn” Karev has schizophrenia and Alex had to commit him to a mental institution. Amber would probably go crazy too or get cancer or die or…

    The shooting was a huge wasted opportunity for several characters. It almost makes me laugh how Shonda said the shooting would be a game changer and how the characters would be changed people after that experience. The only character who actually got a storyline out of that was Cristina but a fishing trip cured all those months of PTSD ( 🙄 ) and she’s back to her old self. All the characters stayed the same. I feel that the lack of BALANCE is one of the show’s greatest weaknesses. For example and staying on the topic of the shooting, Cristina had half a season of PTSD and for the most part that storyline went around in circles and made a bit of a mockery of the disorder. Instead of seeing Cristina in therapy we were treated to an episode of Cristina going to the mall, an episode of Cristina bartending at Joe’s, an episode of Cristina fishing and then the next episode she’s back at the hospital completely cured and acting as if nothing happened. While this was happening there was more or less a stagnation for all the other characters who were just shown to be doing their jobs as usual. The writers focused too much on Cristina (and this is coming from someone who liked Cristina but I was so sick of her by the end of the PTSD story) and then glossed over the affects of the shooting for everyone else.

    There are still a few characters I like but I’m not invested enough in them to keep watching if Justin leaves. TBH most of the characters annoy me and most things feel so contrived and repetitive.

    I did see the promo on Tumblr and I’m going to see if I find a link on Youtube for the site. “Everybody hates you” – Whatever. Only on GA is someone hated by everyone for telling the truth but the person who lied, broke the rules, ruined an important and costly medical trial and put the whole hospital at risk is “universally loved” (and I say this as someone who really likes Meredith). Alex being hated by everyone happened in season 1 and I’m not interested in recycled storylines. And I’m getting worked up about this… 😕 Bad Diana. Bad! 😛

  5. Anja says:

    Gosh, I’m really spamming the Commenting Thingy. Aaah.. Whatever. Sorry…
    Yeah we saw the whole Mer having Daddy Issues several Times. She’s got problem with them? YEAH, we know that.. Move forward! 😀
    And your probably right about the Thing with Amber and that sucks. So it will only happen in my very happy mind. But the whole “family-members that show up because they are sick” didn’t only happen to Alex… Meredith got that with… her Mom, and her Daddy, her Fake-Mommy and the other Sister. George with his Father. Jackson with his Grandfather. But it’s more deeper with Alex. He get’s all the shit. Yay. ?
    Right, except Cristina, you couldn’t really see that the Shooting changed or affected anyone of them that much, or if it did, they were cured within a few seconds by sleeping very long or riding the elevator up and down. Yay. Oh, hey, maybe they were all cured within those 4 Weeks we had to miss. (And the time jump after the shooting really pissed me off)
    I like Meredith too. But when she messed with the trial, I was so mad at her. And now I’m even more mad at her because she still doesn’t get that she did something really wrong!! And I think as long as she doesn’t get that, she’s not able to forgive him. And I’m pissed that now everyone hates him. It’s a thing between him and her, and everyone else should just mind their own business. Ok, I get Cristina, because Meredith’s her person and blah, but everyone??
    I think he doesn’t earn trust from everyone, after what he did, but hate? Really? Blame the whole mess the hospital is in now on him?? Act like he forced her to mess with the trial something. Really?
    But after a good night sleep, I decided that there’s something important missing from Arizona’s quote. The Promos wants to mislead us often, I think. In my (still happy and positive) mind, the everyone’s she’s relating to are the other Residents. Cristina because the Person Thing. Lexie because the Sister Thing. Jackson because of Lexie and because Mer gave him a place to live. April because of the place to live. I don’t see the Attendings hating him too, or uhm.. hating him more then they did before. If they do because everyone loves Meredith, and everyone loves the Chief and the Chief’s Wife – that’s so… Babys! But hey, Grey’s Anatomy is “High school with Scalpels”
    Or Arizona offers him help or something else. I hope so. I hope that he has at least her.
    And last word: Yes, we had that before, the hating. But when he was hated before, in the earlier seasons, he didn’t really had a relationship with any of those characters. He wasn’t close friends or was accepted and respected and trusted… that’s now different

  6. Diana says:

    No need to apologize! Comment away! That’s what this is here for.

    Everybody hating Alex is taking it too far. These people are supposed to be medical professionals who took an oath, learned about medical ethics and understand the need for rules specially with clinical trials. The fact that all these doctors are all ganging up on the person who spoke up and exposed the truth about someone tampering with the clinical trial (regardless of what motive he may have had for that) and are treating the person who purposely broke the rules and ruined the trial like some poor, innocent victim makes them all look like bad professionals. For the record, I didn’t like the how or why Alex exposed the truth BUT he doesn’t deserve this amount of hatred. Cristina is even hitting Alex and someone taking out their anger in the form of violence is never okay in my book. It is my hope that the writers rectify this because it is really sending a bad message. And as long as Meredith goes around acting like she did nothing wrong I won’t feel sorry for her getting fired or Derek being pissed off at her (and rightfully so!).

    I’m inclined to think Arizona won’t be so hard on Alex and maybe she’s trying to give him a pep talk or show some support by making it clear to Alex she’s not part of the “everyone” who hates him. At the same time I can also see Arizona coming down hard on Alex and telling him he should’ve kept quiet about his friend tampering with the trial because not only did he lose his friend(s) he also lost Chief Resident because of it which again would send a bad message but this show has a history of sending out bad messages. 🙄

    Grey’s Anatomy may have started out as “High school with scalpels” but eventually you need to graduate and by that I mean these characters need to grow up, own up to their mistakes/actions and accept the consequences. That’s what I’d like to see but that might be asking too much from Grey’s Anatomy. 😉

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