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A bit of everything in this update. First off, a couple of fan pics from on and off the set of Grey’s Anatomy.

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In an article from New Zealand there’s a quote from Justin about last season’s musical episode.

It wasn’t until filming started that everyone realised the logistical challenges involved, like everything taking three times as long to film.

“It was a lot of hard work,” says Justin Chambers, who plays Dr Alex Karev. “They really took a chance on that episode and we have to give credit to Shonda and the show for that. To be this far into the series and go, ‘let’s try something different’.

“And they’re inspired by the musical stuff, which is really popular right now. There are lots of talented kids who can sing and dance and that’s fun to see – a lot of people didn’t know Sara is such a brilliant singer.”

The Scars On 45 music video with some scenes from the new season of the show is out. I added a few screencaps from the music video to the gallery but I’ll take them down once the season premiere airs. Click on the link:

Grey’s Anatomy > Season 8 > Screencaps > “Heart on Fire” – Scars on 45

Justin’s 41 years old? For real? ๐Ÿ˜‰

And the actual video… “Heart on Fire” – Scars on 45

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