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In related Justin news, it is publicly known that the original cast of Grey’s Anatomy is currently in talks with ABC studios about extending their contracts past season 8. Regardless of who stays or goes, Shonda Rhimes has already decided how the season will end for the characters.

To read what Shonda said about the season 8 finale click the link: Exclusive: Grey’s Anatomy Boss Cracks Finale Puzzle, But Contractual Question Marks Loom

Season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy resumed this week and the screencaps for episode 8.10 have been added to the gallery.

8.10 – Suddenly

There was also a Justin mention in a review/recap of the episode:

Alex wants to help with the baby from the ambulance, but Arizona thinks he’s done enough – he’s exhausted and needs to sit this one out.

The only problem is that he just can’t. Justin Chambers is wonderful at showing just how fidgety he is – eventually, Alex jumps up and forces Arizona to let him help, yelling that he didn’t go through hell to just back off.

Next Thursday episode 8.11 “This Magic Moment” airs and the ABC and CTV promos are below.

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