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I have been playing around with the gallery again.  Cleaned all the spam users, posts and added some pretty things.

  • More smilies
  • A few Icons in the forum Gallery (more to be added)
  • Ranks
  • ability to add youtube videos
  • New spam protection

Above i have mentioned we have new ranks.  There are three applied to staff members.  I (Fay) am the ‘Chief’, diana is an ‘Attending’ and the moderators are ‘Residents’.  I have also made some ranks based on how many posts you make, Im not going to reveal what the ranks are…you will just have to find out, as you make posts…But a few of you are ‘visitors’ right now.  If you have some suggestions, (which may or may not be a rank already) comment in the post below or here in the forum.

Good Forum to chat in:

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