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This update includes: screencaps from the recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, promo for the next episode and tweets from actresses Sarah Drew and Amanda Fuller about Justin.

First off, the screencaps from Thursday’s episode of Grey’s, “Moment of Truth”.

8.21 – Moment of Truth

Next week airs episode 8.22 “Let the Bad Times Roll” and this is the promo for it.

And to end this update, Sarah Drew who plays April Kepner live tweeted during the show this week and mentioned Justin when answering a question.

Would love to see this quote board!

Also, actress Amanda Fuller who played Alex’s intern, Morgan Petersen, said this about working with Justin.

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  1. Josie says:

    His co-workers often say that he’s such a funny person.
    Man, I’d like to see that running quote board now.

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