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Here’s another interview with Justin and Kevin McKidd from the press junket that was held early on in season 8. Justin (and Kevin) speaks to Terra.com about not speaking spanish, the success of Grey’s Anatomy, wanting to guest star on ER, why being part of an ensemble cast is the best job for an actor with a family and fan reaction around the world.

3 Responses to “Terra interview”
  1. Josie says:

    Nice interview.
    I find it interesting that he also mentions that they often have to work long hours but puts in a different, much more positive light than Katherine Heigl did, a few years ago in a Letterman interview.

  2. Diana says:

    Justin has always said that although there are days when they on set for 14 hours there are days when he’s only there a couple of hours or has the day off in addition to having weekends off and because of that he gets to spend a good amount of time with his family.

    Katherine Heigl should’ve kept her mouth shut re: that particular work day especially when it was revealed the reason she had that extra long work day was because the producers granted her a week off so she could go promote one of her movies (The Ugly Truth). She comes off looking even more ungrateful and self-involved when you take into consideration that the crew had an even longer day and they don’t get the benefit of having a nice air-conditioned trailer to hang out in in between takes. If anyone should’ve complained it was everyone else (cast & crew) who had to work such long hours because K. Heigl wanted a week off from work. In some ways I miss the old GA that had Izzie and Alex/Izzie but in many ways I’m happy that the actress is gone because she was the main reason the show was always wrapped in controversy and I was so tired of the constant rumors and badmouthing. The sense I get is that the GA set became a happier and more relaxed place after she left. Whatever the case is, it’s obvious that if life wasn’t enjoyable on the Grey’s Anatomy set now then Justin and his castmates (Ellen, Sandra, Patrick, Chandra and James) wouldn’t have renewed their contract for an additional 2 years.

  3. Josie says:

    I agree, she should have kept her mouth shut. I hate her in that interview. She not only complains about the show that made her huge but also ridicules it. That’s just mean and inappropriate.

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