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A photographer by the name of Kyle Zimmerman wrote on her blog a story about living in Athens, Greece in 1991 and taking photos of a 20/21 year old model named Justin Chambers. I love hearing/reading these stories.

Click on the link for Kyle’s blog and on the thumbnail for the HQ Justin pic.

Justin Chambers Sexy Eyes

In 1991 I was living in a ‘model hotel’ called the Hotel Orion in Athens Greece. I struggled and starved and traded photo sessions with models to survive. We were all trying to ‘make it’ to be ‘seen’ by the local fashion community of magazines, agencies and clients. I would often take a young beauty to the supermarket and buy her a giant container of yogurt and she would buy me a roll of film. We would go back to the hotel, dress him or her up and take photos for their portfolio. Sometimes we would take to the streets, prowl the bars, take over restaurants to get dynamic shots. We worked fast and furious and made some pretty cool art. We all got noticed but one boy in particular got MORE noticed. Justin Chambers, famous for his role on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Alex Karev… In 1991, we were living at the Orion and one day he bought me a roll of film. Ilford XP1.

I got some eye liner out and the rest is here…


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  1. Hi guys!
    Thanks for the link. I have more photos I’ll dig up some day, keep watching!

  2. Diana says:

    Hi Kyle! I really love the Justin photo and your story. I saw the other photos on your site and I really enjoy the warmth and natural beauty of your photos. Looking forward to more Justin photos! 😀

  3. elodie says:

    don’t think i’ts justin

  4. Diana says:

    I’m pretty sure it is him. Justin used to have longer hair when he was younger but he usually had it pushed back. He has very distinctive eyebrows and eyes (the square chin is the same). He also used to do this pouty lip thing when he modeled making his lips look fuller.

    Check some of Justin’s old modeling pics:




  5. Oh yeah, it’s him…
    I knew he was special when I met him but so many young people in model world are spectacular beauties…

    I do remember he wasn’t there for long. And I think he thought I was crazy to want to do the eyeliner thing, but hey, I think I see some ‘dark, vampire-y’ possibilities here for him, no?
    Oh and I said 1991, but I cannot really remember exactly, 90, 91, 92 ish!

  6. Diana says:

    That’s true. It must be only a really small fraction of aspiring models that actually make it in the business and it’s a career that for the most part has a pretty short life span.

    The eyeliner was a nice touch. It makes JC’s stare even more intense, even more sexy. And early 90s makes sense with what Justin has said in interviews.
    Thanks for the comments, Kyle! 🙂

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