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I’ll do the usual update with screencaps from last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy later on today but, for now I’m posting an interview with Camilla Luddington and another with Sarah Drew where both mention Justin.

Camilla Luddington was interviewed by TV LINE about Grey’s Anatomy and she shared her thoughts on Justin, Alex and the relationship with her character, Jo Wilson.

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes may be on the fence about whether to send Alex and Jo on the fast track to coupledom, but the latter’s portrayer, Camilla Luddington, isn’t.

“Personally, I do hope that it goes that way because I think they would be great together,” the actress tells TVLine. “But who knows? On this show I’ve seen so many people end up dating other people. Now Jackson and Stephanie are together!”

In the following Q&A, Luddington — who joined Grey’s this fall as part of the new wave of interns — explains why Jo has resisted going there with Alex, teases what (and whom) they’ll bond over in future episodes, and reveals what’s standing in the way of her becoming a full-fledged series regular.

TVLINE | What has it been like working with Justin Chambers?
He’s great. He’s nothing like Alex. He’s so sweet. Not guarded. Just lovely.

TVLINE | Alex’s track record with the ladies is not the greatest.
Oh, yeah. I know. [Laughs] I think he really was in love with Izzie. Who knows where that could have gone? I think he would have stayed with her if [Katherine Heigl] didn’t leave. Since then he’s been guarded with women. And when he has let down that guard he’s gotten hurt. So I kind of get why he isn’t wanting a relationship. And why he’s sleeping with all the interns.

TVLINE | That explains why he just wants to be friends with Jo. But what about Jo? Does she really only have platonic feelings for him?
I think she really does feel that way right now. She’s just as guarded as him. She’s very protective over this friendship. And I don’t know that she wants to think of it as anything else right now because she doesn’t want to lose it. She really does cherish that relationship. She can trust him; she doesn’t feel like he judges her. He’s her bud.

To read the rest of Camilla’s interview click on the following link: Grey’s Anatomy’s Camilla Luddington Endorses Alex-Jo Romance: ‘I Hope I’m the One For Him’

Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner, was on the AfterBuzz TV Aftershow yesterday and she mentioned Justin a few times. I edited her full interview to just the Justin mentions (which includes a funny story) in the video below.

Sarah Drew mentions Justin Chambers on… by JustinChambersOnline

For those wanting to see the full interview click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns9JEdjkW1g

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