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In an article posted online by TV Guide about the 200th episode of Grey’s Anatomy which airs next Thursday, October 10, Justin and Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes had this to say about Alex’s story line:

It’s Alex (Justin Chambers) — finally stable and happy, thanks to his relationship with Jo (Camilla Luddington) — however, who gets the biggest shock, when his estranged junkie dad (Dexter’s James Remar, beginning a multi­episode arc) suddenly appears early in the season. “It’s very emo­tional,” Rhimes says. “It’s a chance for Alex to figure out who he is as a man.”

Adds Chambers, “The next few episodes are kind of heavy for Alex, but Jo’s going to help him through it.” Or maybe not. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this show,” he adds with a laugh, “it’s that things can change on a dime!”

Source: On Set Exclusive: Grey’s Anatomy Celebrates 200 Episodes

The previous article was part of a bigger feature story from the October 7-13 issue of TV Guide magazine. The magazine feature can be read by clicking on the thumbnails below:

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At the Grey’s Anatomy 200th Episode Party, the cast spoke a bit about what to expect in season 10 and the 200th episode, specifically. When it comes to Alex and his relationship with Jo:

3. Jo and Alex [Justin Chambers] will have communication problems and he gets a special visit.

“For Jo and Alex, it’s a lot of development in their relationship, kind of getting to know each other and communication seems to be one of their big problems,” Luddington said. “So, they have to learn to communicate and that’s something you see a lot at the beginning of this season.”

“The 200th episode. There is a gala and it’s a little bit crazy inside. Jo has been invited by Alex and he’s sort of ignoring her all night ’cause he doesn’t want to be there,” she added. “They kind of butt heads all evening and that’s where their communication problems come out, they realize, at that gala.”

Meanwhile, Chambers told Lieu, “They’ll be someone from Alex’s past visiting.”

Source: ontheredcarpet.com

Another interview with Justin from the red carpet can be watched below. in it Justin discusses season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy and his feelings on Sandra Oh leaving at the end of the season among other things.

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