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If you don’t want to be spoiled about where Alex will be when ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns on February 27th with episode 10.13 “Take It Back”, then stop reading right now.

Last Friday, several cast members attended the ABC party at the 2014 TCA Winter Press Tour and dropped a few spoilers about Alex’s story when the show returns.

Speaking with Glamour, Sarah Drew had this to say:

“we find out right away what April’s decision is [after Jackson stopped the wedding]. Drama ensues. The opening shot that the episode returns with is absolutely gorgeous and really unique and different and something I feel we haven’t really done on the show before. Stuff also doesn’t go well for Shane when Alex returns from the hospital and finds out what’s happened to his father. I can tell you that everything kind of gets turned upside emotionally because of the President’s phone call to Derek. All kinds of things get messed up because of that phone call.”

Source: Glamour.com

Camilla Luddington also talked a bit about what’s going on with Alex and Jo when Grey’s returns in a video interview. I transcribed the bit where she talks about the two characters.

For Jo and Alex, episode 13 starts right where episode 12 ended, and for them they’re really dealing with the aftermath of Shane being the big shot in surgery and screwing up really bad. Obviously, Alex is devastated. Jo’s there – supportive girlfriend. But she’s kind of now written off Shane as a friend because he’s screwed up so many times that it doesn’t matter if they were in the same intern class together, she’s done with him. It’s really interesting. It’s really fun.

Camilla’s red carpet interview can be watched below.

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