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&#9733 I added a few pics of Justin at last Sunday’s WordTheatre performance benefiting Campbell Hall’s Endowment Fund. Click on the link.

WordTheatre presents The Road Ahead: A Cheer for Education – February 23

&#9733 I forgot to link to the following articles in a previous update so I’m going to do it now. Sorry about that.

TV Guide posted a piece previewing each character’s story at the beginning of the second half of season 10. This is bit for Alex Karev with Justin’s quotes:

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)
Alex will not be a happy camper when he returns to the hospital to learn Shane has all but mutilated his father (James Remar). “Alex is dealing with his father and whether he’s going to live or not live,” Chambers says. “Shane had taken over the surgery in a very unprofessional way, so that’s where he’s at. It’s interesting to see Alex finally confront his father and all the issues they’ve had.” That new rule will also affect Alex’s relationship with Jo, who is still just a resident, but she might not be his resident for much longer.

Source: TV Guide

&#9733 Justin’s Grey’s Anatomy co-star, Camilla Luddington mentioned Justin in an interview she gave the other week.

Like you said, Alex practically proposes, and confesses his love to Jo. He says he wants kids and a life with her. Do you think all of that will happen? Do you think they could make it work?
Yeah, I think I do sort of see that future for them, I think that for Jo though it’s just way, way too early. I think that’s something she takes very seriously and I think from her point of view she grew up without any parents so she never really saw a good, happy, married couple. She never grew up in that family unit, so for her I think it’s territorial just a little bit. And it’s not something she takes lightly, I mean I think she wants to get married I just think it’s not right now. But I can see them somewhere down the line doing that. I mean Justin (Chambers) and I even joke sometimes that they’ll get married and they’ll end up ordering pizza that night, and that’s how they’ll celebrate and it will just be so them. But I just think it’s not right now, and also I feel like that proposal came out of a place of Alex feeling overwhelmed by everything that was going on and I think in those moments, yes your true feelings come out, and I do think he loves her and wants those things with her but I think that she feels like he may not have quite that declaration in that way, had his dad been okay.

Source: The TV Addict

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