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Our friend Amanda came up with the great idea of putting together a fan scrapbook for Justin’s 44th birthday. It’s a great way for fans to express to Justin how much he is appreciated and Justin Chambers Online is associating itself with the project.

Below is Amanda’s message on why she put together this project and her contact information (Tumblr and e-mail) for any suggestions/questions which can ALSO be left in the comments here at the site or sent to our Twitter at https://twitter.com/JChambersOnline

Because I’ve been seeing and feeling a lot of frustration with how little Justin and Alex are appreciated on Grey’s and since he doesn’t expose himself to the amount of recognition he deserves, I’ve decided to make a fan scrapbook for his 44th birthday on July 11th. I want this to be huge with tons of submissions, showing him how much we appreciate and notice his stellar acting. So, I’m starting early. Feel free to send any questions/ideas by email or to any of my tumblr accounts, chambered-heart and drevilkarev. Submissions should be sent to jcbirthdayproject@gmail.com. Let’s make this happen, fans, and spread the word!

Okay, so this what you need to submit to the e-mail given to be part of the fan scrapbook:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Short birthday message
  • Favorite Alex scene/Justin acting moment
    Send to:

    NOTE: This project is open to participants from ALL COUNTRIES. If you have difficulty writing in english, you can submit in your native language and it’ll be translated.

    Attention: The deadline for submissions is JUNE 20, 2014

    Thank you to all who participate! 😀

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