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When word got out on April 2nd that Justin had joined Instagram fans headed over to his account to welcome him and he spent over two hours interacting with fans.

Below are several of the questions and comments Justin replied to. Due to the nature of Instagram, I was unable to get everything. Sorry about that, but there’s still a lot to enjoy.

Please note: because a few questions were similar I added the replies under the same question.


Favorite number: 7
Favorite sport: Tennis
Favorite color: Black
Favorite TV show: Judge Judy
Favorite movie: Goodfellas
Favorite type of food: Mexican
Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and cream
First tattoo: ‘Keisha forever’

What’s your favorite animal?
Sloths crack me up.

Me and xxxxxx live in your hometown and we’re wondering when you might be coming back to visit?

Will you Instagram next time you’re in Ohio?

When asked if he’ll join Twitter
– One day:-)
– I’m going to work this format for now:-)

Have you ever been to the Dominican Republic?
I have. A few times. Amazing place.

Do you have lots of pets?
Too many

Best things about being a dad?
Witnessing them grow.

Have your kids ever watched Grey’s?
– Very little.
– It’s just my job to them.

One song you’ve enjoyed singing the most? (Loved your version of young folks)
My daughters made that song work. Thanks

What is the one accessory you can’t live without?

Do you read some tweets about you sometimes?

Justin, why are you so fun and fearless?
ha ha

How many tattoos do you have?
Too many

Are you writing from home right now or set?

Green apples or red apples?

Can you reply ‘sweet dreams’ so I can sleep?
Sweet dreams

Do ya luv me?
I love all God’s children!:-)

Please Notice me Justin!

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO OF WHAT I DID BECAUSE YOU FOLLOWED ME!! (link to video: http://instagram.com/p/mULmtnqp55/#)
I saw that.. Very funny.

I lost my sandals… Do you have them?
I don’t

Justin I need a favor please! Could you please say “hi Mariangeles and hi Laura”? It’s for my teacher and my cousin, they really love you!!!
Hi teach, hi cuz.

Justin would you please wish me good luck for my test tomorrow? It’s in a few hours and I’m nervous. Please Justin, it’s 12:18am and I have to sleep ‘cause school.
Good luck, I’ll say a prayer.

The show made me believe that I can actually do something important with my life, and now my grades are getting better and idk….. I just wanted to thank you I guess
Happy to hear that.

Have U ever been to Seattle and if so, what’d U think of it?


Will you miss Sandra Oh?
Very much so.

What are you going to miss most about Sandra Oh?
Her genius

How do you feel about Cristina leaving?

Favorite part about working with Camilla:
– She’s an awesome actress and very kind
– Her great talent

Do you enjoy working with Camilla? She’s so lovely I met her last year.
Camilla is the best.

Camilla told me you were worried about Shonda killing you off in s9 finale.

How fab is Patrick Dempsey’s hair?
I envy it.

Do you miss Katie Heigl?

Do you enjoy working with the lovely Ellen Pompeo?
– I do.
– She’s a hoot.

Is Ellen Pompeo as sassy as she seems?

What’s your favorite thing about working with Sara Ramirez?
Her talent.

Describe Sara in one word.

Who would you say is funnier, JCap or you? Bc she tweeted that it’s a tight match… and I’d like to know your side.
We’re both goofs.

What’s the best thing about working with JCap?
She makes me laugh all the time.

Which couple do you ship the most? Other than Jolex
I like the Chief and Catherine Avery.

The most similar thing about you and Alex?
My porch comes to mind.

Can we expect some happiness for Alex soon? He goes through the most crap on the show, he deserves to be happy more than any other character.


Rob Corn is a cool dude.

A very big THANK YOU goes out to the Twitter folks who helped out by sending me the things they had from the Q&A. They are:

https://twitter.com/GreysAlexMer and her Tumblr

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