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I haven’t finished screencapping Justin’s scenes in the season finale of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ yet, so I’m only updating with news, mentions and a fan pic.

The official program for the “Monte Carlo Television Festival” came out this week and confirmed that Justin and his ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ co-star Kevin McKidd will walk the red carpet on June 10th. For more info and to purchase tickets for the festival go to http://www.tvfestival.com/

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sandra Oh mentions a classic line Justin says every year. The link to the full interview is below and it’s an interesting read.

Farewell, Cristina: Sandra Oh and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator Shonda Rhimes say goodbye to a beloved character


OH: Honestly, around season 8, the originals were under negotiations for two more years — till season 10. And in my mind, there was no possible way that our show could possibly go on [that long]. That’s also like a safety, in an actor way. Because it’s so unbelievable to have had a job this long. It’s so unbelievable that you just can’t [be sure]. ‘Will we get the pick-up?’ ‘Maybe we’ll get the pick-up!’ You still have to do it! Can I just tell you, since, I don’t know, season 1, the classic line that Justin Chambers says every year in, maybe, February — every single year — he just starts repeating this, ‘I just need two more years. Two more years. I just want two more years.’ He’s hilarious. But with that, I knew that it was going to take a long time to start letting go.

Several cast members live-tweeted during the airing of the season finale. Below are the tweets where Justin is mentioned. FYI, the last scene Sandra Oh shot with Justin that she’s referring to was the surgery scene with Cristina, Alex and Shane.

In a funny interview with “Dish Nation”, Sarah Drew played the game “Smash, Marry, Kick” and said that of her Grey’s co-stars she would ‘smash’ Justin because she loves him and he’s delightful in every single way. LOL The game starts at about 2:00 min into the video here: Sarah Drew From Grey’s Anatomy Talks About Hunky Co-Stars

And to end this update, here is a pic this lucky fan took with Justin on Thursday.

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