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I was looking through some old magazines and unexpectedly came across this gem. In the February 1992 edition of Interview magazine, famed photographer Bruce Weber chose photos of struggling actors and people who did other things, but all of whom had the glamour of those on the big-screen. Readers were supposed to guess which were the struggling actors and what the non-actors actually did.

Instead of uploading only Justin’s photo, I have added the scan of both pages and also the answers to the guessing game, in case anyone wants to play along. It’s pretty cool to see that 21-year-old model Justin ended up having a nice acting career. 😉

Below is the intro for the feature and also the link to the album. Click on the photo for it.

Could Be a Movie Star

Screen tests are the usual way to see if someone has what it takes to make it in the movies. Not so with this screen test. As far as Bruce Weber’s concerned, every single face here could boost the box offices, but BIG. What’s so beautiful, though, is that most of the people pictured here are not in pictures, which just goes to show that everyday life is as chock-full of glamour as the big-screen. There are those in front of you, however, who hope to become movie stars. But remember, before Rudolph Valentino made it big he worked as a taxi dancer and landscape gardener. Spencer Tracy waited in the wings, supporting himself as a bellhop, janitor, and door-to-door salesman. Guess which are the struggling actors on these pages. Now that you’re warm, guess what everyone on these pages does. If you get all the answers right, you’re a genius.

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