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I added to the gallery scans of two interviews that were recently published. Links to the albums are below.

Télé DH (France) – June 14, 2014
Tu Style (Italy) – July 7, 2014

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I translated to english both interviews and also two others that were published online. You can read the translated interviews below. I have a couple more interviews that will be posted and translated some other time. I spent hours typing and translating these so I need a break now. lol


Tu Style – July 7, 2014

Close-up: Justin Chambers

He thought he was in a hurry to leave Grey’s Anatomy. Instead, he’s been there for ten years. But “having a family” and a routine gives him a lot of security.

“There are actors happy with the choices they’ve made and I am one of them,” admits Justin Chambers, the 43-year old seductive Alex Karev on Grey’s Anatomy, who sits in front of me. Given the success of the series in which he stars (July 7th on FoxLife airs the last episode of the tenth season) I cannot blame him.

And to think you expected to leave earlier.
Everything ends sooner or later. So I thought.

Instead, it’s been ten years.
Because the stories are always intriguing and I still have fun on the set.

The routine doesn’t get boring, not even a little?
On the contrary, it gives me security. And given that even in Hollywood, the situation is not rosy, before giving up a job that allows you to plan for the future you think about it a bit. Especially if you have a family like mine.

Five children (with wife Keisha, with whom he is married since 1993), right?
Four girls and a boy! Isabella, 20, twins Maya and Kaila of 17, Eva, 15, and Jackson, 12.

I wonder how proud they are of you …
In short (laughs) we live in Los Angeles and among their friends, there are also the children of Johnny Depp. Hard for them to get excited. Indeed, I fear that sometimes they consider me embarrassing.

Are you sure?
In public they avoid any contact!

In October, the new season will begin. What’s new?
You kidding? I swore not to talk about it!

Can you at least tell us what you hope for Alex?
I would like to see him happy. It would be the perfect end of the evolution that has seen him transform from superficial student to sensitive pediatric surgeon.

The secret to a happy relationship?
Don’t look for excuses for your actions, be honest and always supportive.


Télé DH (France) – June 14, 2014

Grey’s Anatomy: the resistant!

The romantic-medical drama has not said its last word, after 10 seasons. With surgeons as charming as Alex Karev, this success is easily explained.

When we asked Justin Chambers, aka Alex Karev, a key player of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which has kept him in the series, after 10 years of loyal service, his answer is final. Some of his former colleagues jumped into the void. He’s a little dizzy.

Recently (in episodes that will soon air with us), the charismatic Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) said farewell to her patients, to Meredith and her fans. Heartbreaking for many. But not enough to push Justin Chambers to put his future at stake. “My situation is different from that of Sandra. I have a family; I have a worker’s mentality. I like everything to be structured. I love what I do. I think Sandra had reached a point where she was ready to try something else. And I’m very curious to discover what will happen without her in the season 11 (shooting restarts in a few months). She was largely responsible for the success of the show. I am willing to stay on Grey’s until they decide to get rid of me! “(Smiles)

Some new blood, as the seasons go by, was transfused in Grey’s Anatomy’s plots. A good thing according to Justin. “It’s very important to have new things to see. It also brings a new generation of viewers too. There are a lot of young people who come to me saying that they are now watching the show, and they came in my opinion thanks to the younger actors.”

But these new faces – with which viewers got to know over the previous season – will they succeed in making forget the tragic, unforeseen, or even incomprehensible departures of the pillars of series? “Many of those people I miss,” admits Justin Chambers, star of the 54th Monte Carlo Television Festival. “Like TR Knight, Katherine Heigl, Kate Walsh … I would like Katherine Heigl (aka Karev’s former great love) to return so that she and Alex can explain themselves. She left and it ended like that… ”

And why not after all? Grey’s Anatomy draws its success there, for 10 years: a little catastrophic, very emotional and very often medical, it never takes us where we expect it.
Even if it means upturning our heart. Or making us cry buckets of tears.

A husband, a father, a son (text in orange box)

Father of a large family – married for 20 years, he has five children and has since undergone a vasectomy – and child of a large family, Justin Chambers is very… family. That’s why he chose his mother to walk, on his arm, the red carpet at the 54th Monte Carlo Television Festival. Discrete, with a tender and full of pride look, Pam Chambers watches, also very interested by this world she does not rub shoulders with every day, at her son’s long hours of interviews.
In private, while Justin sees the TV cameras pass before him, Pam Chambers tells us she is extremely happy to spend time with the son she hadn’t seen in a year (she lives on the other side of the United States). Only two, they would like to take advantage of this short stay to go to Florence or explore the surrounding lavender fields. But her son has a lot of work. However, it still leaves free time for Pam to play her role as mom, to her delight.


(http://www.seitenblicke.at/top-stories/die-kinder-hielten-unsere-ehe-zusammen )

“Grey’s Anatomy” – star Justin Chambers: The children kept our marriage together!

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Justin Chambers is a real marathon man – at work and in private, he is counting on resistance.

The 43-year-old became famous as Dr. Alex Karev in the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”. Meanwhile, ten seasons have aired, and there is still no end in sight. We met Justin Chambers at the Monte Carlo TV Festival and chatted with the American actor on the challenges of marriage, children and job.

You have been married for over 20 years. This is remarkable in times like these. What is the secret to your marriage?
Oh God, yes! We have experienced all the highs and lows together. We met in our early 20s and had children very early. I think a good sense of humor helps in a relationship. My wife has always been the backbone of our family. She keeps our lives in balance. And she’s a great mother. Our children were also an important factor for the partnership for a time. We also wanted to stay together because of them. Right now we are going through another phase in which we have a lot of fun together.

A household with five children sounds like a lot of work. How do you manage that?
At first it was very hectic. We lived in a small apartment in New York – at that time we had four kids. But time flies so fast. My oldest daughter Isabella goes to college now. I don’t know how, but somehow we made it. It was an incredible journey. My steady commitment to “Grey’s Anatomy” has of course helped finance this journey and make it carefree. We never had to worry about paying the electric bill and similar everyday things.

When you began with “Grey’s Anatomy”, you were in your early 30s and in top shape. How are you today with sexy scenes?
(Laughs) Now the producers warn me early if I have to take off my shirt again.

In an interview you said that you regularly read the Bible. Does your faith play an important role in your life?
Yes, my faith is very important to me. Sometimes it gives me puzzles, and I quarrel with myself and the world. But for me, I find comfort in it.

What values do you give to your children?
Friendliness and kindness are core values in life for me.

In addition to the family and the job, do you still have time for hobbies?
I started playing tennis, but I’m still not good. And since our kids are slowly becoming more independent, my wife and I plan – when “Grey’s Anatomy” is over – to travel around the world with a backpack. We are looking forward to it.



Grey’s Anatomy Season 11: Alex a Dad? Justin Chambers says yes (misleading title…)

Since season one of Grey’s Anatomy, Justin Chambers has seen his character Alex evolve significantly in 10 years. A few months before the start of season 11, the actor was invited to the 54th Monte Carlo Television Festival this Tuesday, June 10th, 2014. The opportunity for Justin Chambers to talk about the relationship between Alex and Jo (Camilla Luddington). Warning, spoilers about Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy.

In season 10, the character of Alex has continued to evolve in Grey’s Anatomy. Now in a relationship with Jo, the doctor may well return to the hospital after he momentarily quit Grey Sloan Memorial. But according to Justin Chambers, season 11 could bring more surprises to his character.

“Alex will have a family before the end of the show”

Indeed, the actor confided at a press conference in connection with the 54th Monte Carlo Television Festival. Justin Chambers said he was very pleased with the relationship between Jo and Alex. “This relationship is strong and I think Jo has really brought out the best in Alex and vice versa. They have very similar pasts and I think they will settle down,” said the actor. Justin Chambers also seems to want the character of Alex to take a turn at becoming a dad. “I think Karev will have a family before the end of the show”, he told the press.

“Jo is the love of his life”

Justin Chambers really seems to believe in the onscreen couple he forms with Camilla Luddington. “I think next season will really see them evolve. It’s a drama so there will be problems but I really think she is the love of his life,” he revealed.

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    Man, that one interview was actually from an Austrian magazine and now I’m a little sad I missed it.
    BTW, I found it very sweet that he took his mom to Monte Carlo. I already thought they wouldn’t see each other a lot, but 1 year is certainly a long time.

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    Thanks and you’re welcome!
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    Justin probably only sees some of his family during the Grey’s hiatus when he can spend some time away from LA. It was sweet that he brought his mom along for the trip. I also think it must have been cool for mom to see her son’s success like that. 🙂

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