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&#9733 In a quite interesting interview about Grey’s Anatomy, Camilla Luddington had this to say on what it’s like working with Justin.

There is such great on screen chemistry between Jo and Alex. What is it like working with Justin Chambers?
A) Honestly, I feel so lucky working with Justin because every single day he comes to work happy and ready play. I think that sometimes makes for good chemistry onscreen, too. We honestly get along so well in real life. We joke around and are very playful and I think that translates to Jo and Alex. He’s just wonderful and what I love about Justin is that he is always up to do whatever in a scene. I remember that in Season 9, Jo and Alex were supposed to be making fun of Owen and Cristina having sex upstairs. They were making all these ridiculous noises and Alex and Jo decided to be playful and make all these farm noises and bark at them. Some actors may not have wanted to do that, but Justin is down and he is ready. He wants to be dorky in those moments and it just makes it so much easier as an actress playing opposite him to really throw yourself into those kind of scenes. He’s really wonderful. And I feel lucky that Jo is with him. It’s really fun to work with him every day.

To read the rest of Camilla’s interview where she also talks about the new season of Grey’s, click on the following link -> starrymag.com

&#9733 Last night, the casts of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder got together to live-tweet during the airing of the shows. A couple of pics were posted of Justin at the party with Camilla Luddington and Ellen Pompeo. Click on the thumbnails for the bigger photos.

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&#9733 The screencaps of the season premiere of Grey’s have been added to the gallery. Click on the link for the album.

11.01 – I Must Have Lost It On The Wind

&#9733 Next Thursday airs episode 11.02 titled “Puzzle With a Piece Missing” and below is the promo for it.

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