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In the November 15th edition of Britain’s TV Choice magazine, there is a Justin interview where he talks about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Twitter user Jess [ @McDreamFamily ] kindly shared a photo of the interview with us. BIG thanks goes out to her. Click on the link for the album.

TV Choice – November 15, 2014

Another interview was published in Turkish magazine Habertürk. This was another interview I couldn’t translate, but luckily for us my pal Burcu [ @karevwilson ] is awesome and did the translation. GIGANTIC thanks to Burcu! 🙂

The original interview can also be read at the source: Justin Chambers: ‘Baba olmak en büyük mücadele’ and the translation is below.

“Being a dad is the biggest challenge.”

We have conducted a pleasant interview with Grey’s Anatomy’s handsome doctor Justin Chambers, in which we have discussed his now deeply ingrained role, his marriage of 20 years and five kids. Dr Karev from ABC Studio’s legendary TV show, which is going to air its 11th season on Digitürk Drama, is exclusively with us on Habertürk.

Did you plan on becoming a doctor when you were a child?
When I was in school I wanted to become a dentist, but my math skills were so bad that I couldn’t fulfill this dream. At least I’m playing a doctor on TV at the moment.

Do you have any hospital memories?
My brother and I used to romp around a lot, which lead to us having to be hospitalized 12 or 13 times a year. One Christmas while playing in the backyard I fell and broke my arm, so we went to the hospital with our dinner.

How does one manage to be a successful actor and a father of five at the same time?
Everything in life is a challenge but being a father is the biggest. Even if there are difficult parts to it my kids help me. It’s possible for me to release all the stress and exhaustion after a day on set just by putting them to sleep or holding them. If I were all by myself I’m sure I would down a bottle of whiskey when going home after filming, but this way is healthier for me. This TV show has seriously changed my life. I have not once told my children “we can’t afford this” and I thank God for that.

But well, isn’t being married for 20 years a record for Hollywood?
Well, if you think about it, isn’t Hollywood consisting of families anyway? Hollywood is in fact one big family, where you have families inside of one family.

Do you plan on having more kids?
No. God, no!

As someone who remembers you as a model from Calvin Klein campaigns, may I ask how you manage to still look the same?
I think the youthfulness of my children keeps me energetic and alert. Actually, I feel kind of old. If you see me differently, lucky me. But I feel 10 years older than people of my generation. Because digesting Hollywood is extremely difficult and very exhausting both physically and mentally.

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