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The Hollywood Reporter posted an interview with Justin and Camilla Luddington done during a set visit for the midseason finale. In it, both actors discuss their thoughts about the relationship between their characters and Justin talks a bit about Alex’s relationship with his friend Meredith.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

As for the couple’s future, both Luddington and Chambers would like to see Alex and Jo become the next major wedding event on Grey’s Anatomy.

“They’re so messy together, but every single couple on the show is and they have their issues,” Luddington says. “They work well together and I think they’re both really growing in their relationship. Even Jo being open and having this conversation where she’s like, ‘You know what? I am jealous and this sucks; I don’t feel like I’m No. 1.’ That’s tough for her to have. You can see Alex really growing up in their relationship, too, and stepping forward and being a supportive boyfriend. I think they do have what it takes.”

Chambers agrees and sees Jo as Alex’s endgame.

“He really likes her a lot,” he says. “Maybe we’ll get to see them in more domesticated situations and the typical day-to-day relationship stuff. I think they complement each other, I really do.”

Chambers, one of the handful of original series regulars to remain on the Shonda Rhimes-produced drama for all 11 seasons, has enjoyed seeing a new side of Alex this season as Meredith continues to see him as her “person.”

“It’s great to see that side of Alex. You get to see him become a voice of reason, and Alex has always seemed a little more impulsive or reactive,” he says. “This time with Meredith, it seems like he’s more thoughtful and paces himself. He’s articulating himself. To help her bonds the relationship more. It’s an interesting dynamic. It seems like Alex has become a little more like George (T.R. Knight) this year. Everyone’s coming to him for advice. He seems to be more in touch with his emotions and being able to voice them. He was such a prick in the beginning and now he’s not angry all the time and just gives advice and gets to be a little sane. It’s a nice change.”

To read the full interview, click on this link: The Hollywood Reporter – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will Alex and Jo Get Married?

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