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Grey’s Anatomy creator and executive producer, Shonda Rhimes, gave a few interviews teasing what is going on when the show returns this Thursday. I’m only posting the parts that relate to Justin’s character, Alex. To read the rest, click on the links.

Entertainment Weekly – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ boss teases new doctors and new relationships

What’s the next step for Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington)?
Rhimes: I cannot tell you what’s going to happen with Alex and Jo. That feels very spoilery. I will tell you that Jo’s weird relationship with Meredith—which I find to be hilarious—the idea that Jo can’t figure out how to have a relationship [with her]. Meredith feels like she’s coming in between their relationship, but not really. I find a charm to it. You start to understand that Jo kind of idolizes Meredith, so how do you deal with the fact that your idol is your boyfriend’s best friend? That whole aspect is very charming. Alex and Meredith’s friendship strengthens. There’s a lot great stuff happening with them.


TV Line – Grey’s Anatomy: Shonda Rhimes on MerDer’s ‘Intense’ Obstacles, Two Docs’ ‘Wonderful Journey’ and More

‘PERSON’ OF INTEREST | Grey’s being Grey’s, the back half of Season 11 won’t be all Sturm und Drang. On the romantic front, Owen and Amelia will grow closer, while Alex and Jo will continue to be tested by the latter’s increasing role as Meredith’s new “person” — though “not in a dark way or anything,” Rhimes makes clear. “I find a lot of humor and charm in watching Jo cope with the fact that Meredith is trying to be the middle spoon in their bed in a lot of ways. Her horror at that concept is kind of great.”
As for Alex, he finds his role in Mer’s life alternately “terrible” and “enviable.” “I think he kind of loves it,” Rhimes says, but as a surrogate for Cristina, “it’s not the same for Meredith!”

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