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A Justin interview was published recently by publication TV Magazine from France’s Le Figaro.
The interview was actually done in June 2014 when Justin was at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, but it’s only being published now because season 10 of Grey’s just started airing in France. Take that into account when reading.

The original interview can be read at tvmag.lefigaro.fr and the translation is below.

Justin Chambers: “It happens, I can get tired after 10 years of doing the same thing…”

TF1 broadcasts on Wednesday the unaired 10th season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

The pleasant smile and casual look, Justin Chambers was at ease during the Monte Carlo Festival. The actor, who plays Dr. Alex Karev since the launch of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, spoke to TV Magazine.

At the end of season 9, your character has declared his love to Jo, are you happy that he is in love?
It’s great! Each having been through a difficult childhood, they understand each other. She does a lot of good to Alex.

You have five children, do you think Alex is ready to become a father?
I’d like him to become dad! In season 10, Alex’s father returns. Both had a rather special relationship (his alcoholic father beat his mother) and Jo encourages Alex to reconnect with him. The reunion will progress and he will realize he wants a family.

This season 10 is the last for Sandra Oh (Cristina), how do you feel?
I’m very sad. She will be greatly missed by me… She’s a damn good actress and a great person. It will be tough without her.

After ten years of the show, have you not had enough?
This happens to me, but I also know I’m lucky to have job security and to love the people I work with. Of course, sometimes I have had enough, I’m tired, but who wouldn’t be after ten years of doing the same thing? I have re-signed for two years. After that, I don’t think I will go on. I’m ready to change.

What would you like to do?
I would like to act in a series on a small cable channel with a dozen episodes per season. I’m also interested in producing.

What is the secret of longevity of Grey’s Anatomy?
The creator, Shonda Rhimes, knows how to create good characters and connect them. Our strength is the diversity of the cast, with actors from different ethnic backgrounds, far from the typical clichés of shows. There are also good plots, romance and sex. And people love sex! (Laughter)

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