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Grey’s Anatomy has officially been renewed for season 12. In fact, ABC Entertainment Group Chief, Paul Lee said he would like to see it “run for many, many years to come.” He also said that Grey’s creator and executive producer, Shonda Rhimes, has “great plans for next season and many years beyond.” Looks like Grey’s Anatomy might be around for quite a bit longer! Source

A reminder that this Thursday is the SEASON FINALE of Grey’s. Below is the TGIT Promo for the finales of Grey’s and Scandal. Sneak peeks can be seen here and here.

I added even more stills from last week’s episode “Time Stops” to our gallery. The link to the album is below.

Promotional Photos > 11.23 – Time Stops

Grey’s dolly grip, Daniel, uploaded to his Instagram a behind-the-scenes pic of Justin, Chandra Wilson and Kelly McCreary on set while shooting a scene for episode 11.22 “She’s Leaving Home.”

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