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Below is a new interview Justin gave to Télé Star while at the Monte Carlo Television Festival last year. Take into account that at the time Justin had wrapped season 10 and hadn’t started shooting season 11 yet.

The questions in the video are written in french, and since many fans might not know the language, I translated them.

Télé Star met with Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy)
How will the relationship between Jo and Alex evolve?
You have been on the show since the beginning. What makes you want to continue?
And then, you have to feed your family of 5 children!
Chyler Leigh left due to work schedules which interfered with her family life. How do you handle this?
It’s hard to believe that you have a child in college!
What did you think of the return of Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke)?
So many characters have left the series. When receiving the script, do you check the end to see if your character didn’t die?
Do you think Grey’s could last as long as ER?
Are things different now that Shonda has several shows on TV?
And you’re still not on Twitter!

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