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I added an interview Justin gave to magazine Télé DH. It’s an interview he gave in June 2014 while he was in Belgium as part of the ABC European Press tour, but it was only published recently.

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The interview is in french so I added an english translation below. Keep in mind that the interview was given before he started shooting season 11 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

“The end of Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t scare me!”

Interview with Justin Chambers, the seductive Dr. Alex Karev, who today serves as a survivor…

“I’m not afraid that the show will stop. I think that everything has an end. I don’t necessarily plan on doing this for the rest of my life!” A few months ago, in Brussels, we met Justin Chambers, who lends his features as the attractive, slightly mad dog, Dr. Alex Karev. A charming smile pasted on his lips at the end of his sentences, the actor has been present in the show since the first episode was still unaware that he would become … the survivor. But this possible fate didn’t seem to worry this father of a blossomed family too much…

“The creator of GA has always said that she wanted to go as far as ‘ER’… That is, until the fifteenth season. Obviously, it’s important to see how viewers react to each departure. But there is still so much story to tell with other interesting characters, I think it’s possible. It may well last until season 15. Me, I’m happy to be signed until season 12. I put money aside! (laughs) I can explore other things. I look forward to it, even if a bit scared!”

His secret to looking 30 years old while he’s 44?
“I’ve always looked younger. One day, I’m sure it will catch up with me! “

Are you satisfied with the development of your character, Alex Karev, over the last 10 years?
“Yes, he’s gone through so many things! The guy got shot, he almost died, he got married, his wife (Izzie) nearly died of cancer, he had a relationship with a schizophrenic person… We can say that he experienced quite a lot of ordeals! And now, I think he has found the person who suits him (Jo)… All of that is great to play.”

“I’m signed until season 12. I have put money aside. (laughs) I’m ready to explore other things… “

When you want your character to move in one direction or the other, can you make suggestions to the writer?
“Yes, of course! Sometimes they take our pinions… But often they don’t take them! (laughs) There are so many characters that one change can impact other characters. And then, it’s still fun for us to open up the script. We are the first viewers! In reading, we say: ‘What? But no, it’s not possible!’ But they know what they’re doing…”

Are there things you have to play that you haven’t enjoyed?
“Yes, I’ve been annoyed by the fact that Alex can be very weak. In the sense that he cannot communicate what he feels. Come on, that’s enough, he’s not stupid though! But I understand that the character has to go somewhere, and he can’t have it all from the start.”

You wanted to play Alex Karev because he resembled you… Or because he was your total opposite?
“Because we’re different! It was fun, especially at first, because he really is a jerk… Through him, I could say things that I wouldn’t necessarily say in life. I’m much more reserved than Alex!”

The fact that Alex Karev has chosen to follow the path of Pediatrics has to do with the fact that you are father of a large family (5 children)?
“Ah, one likes to draw this parallel! No… I think that’s more because it pleases many of the female viewers to see a protective man, holding small babies in his arms. The show, I think, tries to reflect the woman’s ideal image of a man.”

And you, what kind of father are you?
“I can be very silly! (laughs) They are between 12 and 19 years old. The oldest finished her freshman year in college.”

Do any of your children want to follow in your footsteps and become an actor?
“No, they haven’t shown interest in acting. They are more interested in music. The twins are very talented, they play Simon & Garfunkel songs. But they’ve reached an age where they want to do things separately. I tell them: but no, it only works if you’re together!”

Do you see them much?
“Yes, I’m often at home. It’s such a big cast that we have more time for ourselves. We don’t work on weekends, and there are some days when I don’t work. That’s why it’s a blessing to work on this show: I can be at home, I travel the world as well… Other actors have more difficulties in combining work and private life. We really are lucky!”

“I think that Karev has finally found the one that suits him. He will settle down.”

All the women are wondering, so we’re asking you the question: you are 44 years old, how do you look 30?
(laughs) “Coffee and cigarettes! No, don’t smoke! I don’t know! I think one day I’ll wake up and look old. It’s going to catch up with me! But in the meantime, I appreciate being like this! My wife looks very young too. It’s funny because when we were in our twenties and she gave birth for the first time, the people at the hospital thought we were teenagers, we seemed so young. I answered them: Okay, I pay my insurance. We’re not kids anymore!”

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With Jo, Alex Karev could well end his days and start a family…

“The departure of Sandra Oh has been a big loss”

Do you think Katherine Heigl (Izzie) could come back to haunt Alex?
“It could be a good plot. It would be possible! Katherine has a new show. I don’t know if there would be no conflict of interest with the network it’s on. But now, at this point in the show, after so many seasons, there are many exes of Karev’s that could come back! I think that Meredith and Derek are the ones who have managed to maintain a relationship since the beginning of the show, despite the obstacles and conflicts. Let’s see if Karev and Jo can also carry out their relationship that far…”

The departure of Sandra Oh, aka Cristina Yang, this was a big loss for the show…
“Yes, clearly. It’s the biggest loss! If calculated, her character represents 35 to 40% of the show. I have always associated her with Meredith. The show continues with lots of interesting characters, but she was THE doctor. Smart, like Sandra. And personally, her work ethic is brilliant, she’s a really great person who I’ll miss. ”

And for your character, what would be the ideal end?
“That he settles down, that he starts a family. I think it would be ideal for him, who never had a real home.”

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