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In the Sept/Oct issue of BELLA New York magazine, Camilla Luddington is interviewed and she tells a cute story about the first time she met Justin on the set of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ This is what she said:

A super-fan of “Grey’s,” Luddington was not only excited to join the cast in the role of Dr. Jo Wilson but says she was even more elated to learn her character’s love interest was Alex Karev (played by Justin Chambers). She recalls their first meeting a few days before their first scene together. “Justin stopped by my trailer and broke the ice when he said, ‘I hear you’re my new girlfriend.’” With a similar response, Luddington says he was so sweet in the initial meeting and remembers thinking “thank God he is so nice!”

A member of the Grey’s crew tweeted this behind-the-scenes pic of Justin shooting the scene where Alex gets in a fight with Shane Ross in episode 10.13 “Take It Back.”

A couple of fans spotted Justin on Saturday (Sept. 5) and they took this selfie with him.

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