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The gallery has been updated with screencaps from the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy – “When It Hurts So Bad.”

Screencaps > 12.16 – When It Hurts So Bad
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The Shondaland Revealed Podcast last week had Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) as producer Betsy Beers’s guest. Naturally, they talked about the episode that had just aired, Grey’s and Justin was briefly mentioned.

The podcast can be listened to at Entertainment Weekly. Justin was mentioned during the answer to the question (at 17:30 min), “If you could be any other character on Grey’s, what would it be?”

Jesse: I like [Cristina Yang] and I always like… Karev is always the first one that comes to mind, too. Those are two of my favorite characters, I think.

Betsy: I was an early Karev supporter, just for the record. Talk about having a lot of crap thrown at him the first few seasons, too.

Jesse: Yeah.

Betsy: And once again, Justin Chambers, like one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life.

Jesse: Yeah.

This week, the episode of Grey’s is titled “I Wear the Face.” Below is the synopsis and the promo for it. You can also watch a sneak peek of a scene between Meredith, Owen and Nathan at this LINK.

“I Wear the Face” – Meredith goes on an ambulance ride with Owen and Nathan to pick up a heart for a transplant patient. Musician & MS patient Kyle Diaz is admitted to Grey Sloan Memorial with a tremor in his hand, and the residents apply for the Preminger Grant. Meanwhile, Catherine continues to insert herself into Jackson and April’s business against Richard’s wishes, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, APRIL 7 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

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